Thursday, 24 December 2009

Way Behind on Best of 2009

I'm going to attempt to catch up with the Best of 2009 Challenge in this post.

Car Ride: I guess my favorite car ride would be when the fiance and I drove from WV to VA to SC, stopping in VA for New Year's. It was a nice ride weather and traffic wise and I got to spend a lot of time just talking to my sweetheart.

New Person: This one's a bit toughier. I'll have to have a op 3 favorite new people of 2009.

1. My Converse Little Sister, Emma- I haven't met her in person yet but from what I've learned so far, she's an amazing young women who I'm going to have tons of fun with starting in January.
2. Katie - Candadian chick I met in Glasgow. She's amazing and has a wonderful sense of humor. And makes yummy cookies.
3. Caitlin - A tequila loving Californian I met in Glasgow. We're both writers and she's not Dumbo.

Webtool: Skype and Webcam. Without it I'd never be able to see my fiance or talk to him as much. Enough of a reason.

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