Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Healthiest Walking Workout Week 1 Day 2

Today was Day Two of my new workout plan. I was planning on doing the given workout plus a leisurely mile walk because I'm much mor sedentary here than I was in Scotland. But I'm not feeling very well so I just did the regular workout. Todays plan called for the Belly Blast Routine.

Crisscross: Lie on back with feet off floor, knees at 90 degrees, and hands behind head. Contract abs, press lower back toward floor, and curl head and neck off floor. Inhale and extend left leg while drawing right knee toward chest. At the same time, twist to bring left elbow toward right knee. Exhale and twist to left, switching legs. That's one rep; do six.

Leg Circle: Lie on back with left foot flat on floor, right leg extended toward ceiling, toes pointed, and arms at sides. Hold for 10 to 60 seconds. Then, keeping abs tight, rotate right leg from hip in small circles. Inhale as you begin the circle; exhale as you finish. Do six circles; repeat in opposite direction. Switch legs. (For a challenge, straighten left leg.)

Leg Kick: Lie on right side propped on elbow and forearm, torso lifted off floor, legs stacked and in line with body, left hand in front for balance. Exhale and slowly swing left leg forward as far as it's comfortable. Hold and pulse, moving foot forward and back a few inches, for two counts. Inhale and swing leg back, past right one. Do 6 times without lowering leg. Switch sides. (For an easier option, extend right arm on floor and rest head on arm.)
The CRISSCROSS move was super tough. Defintely butt, or shall we say ab, kicking. The other moves werent bad as I did them reguarly in Scotland so I added in some leg lifts. Ten on each leg and a ten second hold. And depending on how I'm feeling later tonight I might try some egular situps.

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