Thursday, 10 December 2009

Its My Birthday!

I woke up this morning and went to breakfast at Oran Mor, a church thats been converted into a restaurant/bar/theater. Its gorgeous in there and my french toast was delish!

Then I went shopping with the birthday money my parents gave me and bought a new plaid wallet (spirit of Scotland) and earrings (celtic design). I took pics but my flat has crap lighting and they didnt turn out so well.

I got back from  my morning out and talked with my boyfriend who.....................


OMG. I'm getting married. (Shit. I have to woman up and tell my family). Still- he finally asked!! Best. Present. Ever. If we weren't across an ocean I would have hugged him and never let go until it was time for dinner.

After I recovered from being proposed to I went out and had a lovely dinner with my new friends that I've made in Glasgow.  It'll be sad leaving them in ten days.


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