Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Best of 2009: Packaging

My favorite packaging of 2007 also happens to be somehting I discovered in Belfast. Look at you Belfast, you're just one happening little city!

Its a pizza box from Little Wing. Little Wing is a very cute pizzeria that is on top of the game.  Heres the takeaway box I loved:

Hmm. The photo thing is playing games with me and won't let me make the picture any bigger at the moment. But if you can't tell, its a blue and white photo of a VW bug. And they have smaller triangular shaped boxes if you have smaller portions to take home. Little Wing has given a unique, attention grabbing twist to a stale (take away world) necessity. If I saw someone carrying these takeaway boxes I'd want a closer look.  My artsy friend even asked if she could just have a box to do something artsy with.

Here are our other (also small) pictures from Little Wing (FYI: All Little Wing photos are courtesy of Caitlin Mohney)

This isn't part of the challenge, but I want to give my opinion on the worst packaging I've discovered in 2009 as well. I think the winner of that award would be boxed wine. Wine can connote so many different things and so can its packaging. Boxed wine= cheapy and icky. Enough said.                                                       

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