Thursday, 31 December 2009

HWW Week One Day Three

Todays workout? The Calorie Scorch Walk

Calorie-Scorch Walk

Activity Speed Intensity

0:00 Warm-up 3-3.5 mph Light: You can sing

3:00 Cardio walk 3.5-4 mph Moderate: You can chat with a friend

4:00 Speed walk 4+ mph Vigorous: You can barely talk

4:30 Repeat 10-minute cardio walk and 30-second speed walk intervals five more times

12:00 Cardio walk 3.5-4 mph

13:00 Cool-down 3-3.5 mph

15:00 Finish

This workout was more my style because I didnt have the chance to get bored! It was over and my calfs were burning before I even knew it. I think I'm going to change things up a bit and do 50ish regular situps on nonbelly days and a leisure mile on nonwalking workout  days. Mostly because my belly is nowhere as toned as it used to be or can be.

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