Saturday, 19 December 2009

Catching up with Best of 2009: Word & Shop

I'm behind on this Best of 2009 Challenge, but I've been sick so I forgive myself. Anyway, on with the challenge.

I've learned quite a few new words this year, courtesy of Scotland. Many I've never seen in print though so I'm not sure how to spell them. The one I've heard the most is minging. (Thank you to Jules for providing the correct spelling. )Pronounce it as if the last "g" is silent. It means gross or disgusting. This word in no way encapsulates 2009. That word would probably be "new".

Now for my favorite shop of 2009 thats an easy one. This spring I fell in love with Aerie by American Eagle. This place has the cutest underwear ever. And I have a HUGE underwear buying habit. A girl can not  have enough cute underwear or cute shoes. And to add to my love of all things Aerie- the Alist Card where you can earn points towards discounts as well as (my favorite part) get a free gift every month. I can not wait until I'm back into the states so that I can hit up Aerie! (Oh and they have great smelling perfume too!)

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  1. Hey! Am just dropping by from 20sb...the title was what first attracted me to it (I also love chocolate!) but I really enjoyed reading it too :-)
    I think the word you mean is "minging" (the second 'g' is generally silent!)...that means disgusting here in Manchester, England!


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