Sunday, 27 December 2009

Come on People- It's 2009.

Apparently news of engagement has stirred up some, shall we say, tension in my family. My fiance has never met my dad (my dad turned down all invitations to meet him). From that you can infer that he didn't ask my dad permission to marry me. And that apparently was a very very bad thing to do.

PERMISSION? Are you fucking kidding me? I haven't asked permission to do things in years. Why would I start now? If anything I thought they would excpect NOT to be asked.

And I guess it'll come as an even bigger shock that I don't want my dad to "give me away". You heard me I plan to walk down the aisle solo. Why? Because I am choosing of my own free will to become a team with my fiance. No one is giving me away. No one even has the power to do so. I am not a child or a cow. And if I decided to give tha power to someone it would probably go to one of my best friends. I don't give a flying flick about tradition. Especially when that tradition makes women subordinate.

What are your thoughts on this "ask daddy" deal?

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