Thursday, 6 August 2015

The Epidemic

What epidemic?

Well, I don't want commit to a name right now, because something better might come along. So, for now we'll just stick with "The Epidemic".

In the last 2 years, I've really noticed this problem among the expats living in Korea. But if I'm going to be honest, "The Epidemic" was present in my life in America as well.

You see, I would invite people to a party and only half the people who RSVP'd "yes" would actually show up.

"I was sick."

"I got lost."

"I forgot it was the same day as my niece's birthday."

"I fell asleep watching Netflix."

Or, I'd let someone know I'd be in their city for a few days and would love to get together. The reply? Something along the lines of "Text me when you get here and we'll make a plan.". I'd do as requested only to get one of the above responses a few days after I was back home again.

Why does no one make plans in advance anymore? Why are we afraid that if we commit to something we will miss out on something else? Why do we respect the people we call our friends so little?

Our fear of "missing out" on something "better" is causing us to do just that. We are missing out on relationships, on memories.

A friendship is more than just a string of text messages and "we should"s. It's a collection of "we did"s and "remember when"s and time spent together.