Monday, 29 March 2010

A Life of Her Own: The Transformation of a Countrywoman in 20th Century France

I read this book for class and adored it. The orginal title is Wild Herb Soup, and both titles are appropriate as she is truely has her own life and is influenced by the people and places around her . The book is the story of Emilie Carles's life in France.

It details her life as a peasant girl, school teacher, wife, hotel owner and political activist. Emilie's life and personality is a combonation of her environment and her experiences. She is influenced by her peasant upbringings, her father and her husband but she is not them. She is Emilie and she has what it takes to live the life that she desires to live- a life of helping others.

Emilie's tale is artfully woven and describes the roughness of peasant life. the effects war, political tension and the consequences of standing up in what you belive in.

Sunday, 28 March 2010


I've finally caught my books of 2010 list up to speed. Hopefully, I'll get the chance this week to write reviews/descriptions of the books. I'm cheating a bit and including some of the books I've read for school, because lets face it- I've a ton to read for school, and if I've enjoyed the books, why shouldn't I include them on my list?

The books I mentoned in my last ATM post have really paid of for me, at work and in school. I had to do a career project and Ogilvy's books gave me a jumpstart on the background I needed!

This week I'm hoping to squeeze in two baking products-some type of banana chocolate chunk cookie and apple pie cupcakes. I'd also like to make dinner one night but I'm not sure time will allow.

Well, off to do more homework so I can those projects underway.

OOPS! Just looked at the page, and apparently I deleted my books list.

Here they are and I'll try to set up the list tomorrow

Lawof Nines
Life of Her Own
Defying HItler
Kettle Bottom

Friday, 26 March 2010

Its been way too long

I apoligize for the HUGE gap in my blogging life, but the fact is -real life just caught up to me. I've got two more classes here then when I was in Scotland, paired with all of my social activities, my new job and managing a long distance engagement as just left me too busy to blog.

I got the chance to make my friend a birthday card today:

Outside text: Sweet Birthday Wishes
Inside: For my my favorite canadian
Envelope: Hi Cupcake!

After midterms this week it was a great stress reliever. I'm heading to Hartsvegas for Spring Break where I'm hopeing to catch up on the piles of homework I've been neglecting, finish my projects for work, read a fun book and make another card or  two for upcoming events. And I've recently won a copy of Falling into the Sun: A Novel by Charrie Hazard, that hope to read, in additon to sending out some internship applications. Oh and the bestie, her beau and I are hopeing to take a  day trip to Charleston!

Oh! And earlier in the week, my fiance sent me these:
(The bear is the size of a four year old!)