Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Best of 2009: Tea/Coffee (I don't like either)

Tinderbox in Glasgow serves the most amazing drink.

Their hot chocolate comes served like a lady in a rich brown evening gown and crystal earrings. Steaming, rich, chocolate comes in a tall, clear glass. The top of the drink is covered in melted marshmallows and cream. The marshmallows are drizzled with chocolate.

This is a drink to take your time with. Sip it. Slowly through the straw. Its too rich to rush through. Start with the foam and marshamllows. Swish them around your tongue. Savor the fluff lush heaven.  The glass may be heavy, but the sensation of the cream and marshmallows entering your mouth is worth it. Work your way down to the chocholcate. That first taste of almost cold marshmallows and cream mixed with the hot chocolate is enough to make a woman moan. Occasionally swirl the straw around to make sure none of the chocolate is stuck to the bottom. You can drink from the straw now if you want. Finish off the chocolate before its gets too lukewarm

I'm telling you. If you ever get the chance to stop by Tinderbox, order a hot chocolate to sit-in, kick back and enjoy. (Be prepared to spend the equivalent of about $5 though). Don't do it as takeaway. Its just not the same .

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