Friday, 27 August 2010

Feels Good to be Home

Hi Ya'll!

I feel like its been forever since I've blogged.

My flight home went well and on my longest flight (Tokyo to the USA) I got a free upgrade to busines class. It was so nice- steak dinner and ice creamm sundae and a "bed".

The downside?

My luggage didn't arrive until last night, which is why you haven't heard from me. And on top of that my suitcase was busted in several places. Thankfully, nothing was missing. I've got Delta's Damaged Luggage claim form ready to go!

So, since I haven't had a computer to help my procrastinate what have I been up to?

Wii Yoga! I love doing yoga on the Wii. As balanced challenged as I am, having the balance circles on the wii really helps me out.

Wedding planning! I made the rehearsal dinner reservations at a local, Italian/American restaurant. I've met with the caterer-who is also our baker. We opted for a smaller wedding cake, since we are having a dessert reception.

To fit the travel theme, we are having desserts from a variety of places- think Baklava, NY Cheesecake and Cannolis and Mexican Hot Chocolate! We're also having a fruit and cheese table with tons of cheeses. I think that will be Mr. Groom's favorite part because he once told me he wanted to marry cheese.

This afternoon my grandparents from NC are taking me to lunch, I'm meeting with the florist and making Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies for my little sister! I'm hoping to send off my engagement notice to the newpaper as well, but we'll see how motivated I feel this afternoon.

Have a Happy Friday- I'll pick up with the featured followers next Friday!


  1. No rest for the weary traveller, eh??? A dessert reception sounds so, so fabulous!

  2. It sounds like you had a safe trip back. And business class definitely makes the time go that much faster (and nicer!). Yay for a dessert reception. And I'm with your husband, I would marry cheese if I could too.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. At least you are home!
    happy friday
    feel free to link up to my blog hop as well

  4. Welcome back to the states! So glad your trip home was a safe one, although more adventurous than you expected.

    A dessert reception? WOW! Can I come to your wedding? I'll even pay my own way! :-) That sounds heavenly and wonderful and unique. Good for you!

    Thanks again for letting me be a guest writer on your site. I enjoyed it. Have fun and enjoy your planning!

  5. Wow sucks about your luggage but at least nothing was missing. Kickass seats though.

    That dessert from all the different regions is a great idea!!

    Welcome back to the US!

  6. Thanks for the welcomes and support ladies! And you're most certaintly welcome-especially since I've heard that a lot of Mr. Grooms guests can't make it.

  7. Awesome that you got upgraded! That happened to me once too and it's so hard to go back to coach after business!


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