Tuesday, 30 November 2010

A Bachelorette Guest Post by Hot Glue, Herself

This past Saturday was my best friend’s bachelorette party…also known as the Maid of Honor’s final exam. We had a wonderful time, and while I would like to pretend that I waved some sort of magic wand to compile our lovely weekend in a cabin, followed by a day out in Asheville, getting to this point was quite the challenge and was only possible with the help of a lot of really great people! For one, all of the bridesmaids are in college, and by association pretty scarce on funds (not quite Ramen noodle poor…but almost) but by the grace of some heavenly force we found a fabulous little cabin in the mountains that we all absolutely adored and could afford, and which set the scene for our bachelorette shenanigans (it had a loft!)

 I know bachelorette parties are fairly notorious for joining the club of things not talked about by those not involved (along with Vegas trips, and really any type of childbirth stories…although my boyfriend’s mother once found it appropriate to tell me about going into labor during a blizzard). But I’ll be generous and share some details: homemade pizzas, a real fire started by one of our own in our fireplace, smores,  good drinks and even better company.

 And of course…cheesy games! We played a hilarious remix version of pin the tail on the donkey, except our version involved a  “stud” and some bright pink kisses that we had to hit on target on different parts of his body (clean thoughts…clean thoughts!)

We also had a toilet paper dress competition, which I successfully won with my innovative toilet paper hula skirt design (and the help of a very patient and lovely model). 

We ended the night with dancing, more smores, more drinks and a very classy game of Truth or Dare (of course). 

It was a great night, but I will admit getting a little sad in between smores as I realized that part of a bachelorette party means officially sending off one of our own to start a brand new life. Rachel and I have stuck through some pretty rough times and a whole bundle of changes. When we met we were both wide-eyed 17 year olds with wild imaginations, and I’m proud (and relieved) to say that while we’ve definitely matured since then, our imaginations haven’t.  And while I will certainly miss her with the same intensity I miss donuts during a diet, I already know frequent visits/invasions by me and daily talks are in order (her fiancĂ© has been warned…my nickname is hot glue for a reason!)

Our adventure ended the next day after an incredible brunch in Asheville at the Early Girl Eatery (they support organic produce and their food is amazing!) and an afternoon stroll through the city, which never fails to surprise (for example, a run in with a very persistent fortune teller and incredible peanut butter chocolate pie).

 I hope she enjoyed her day as much as we all did. It was a perfect weekend, and the only thing that makes me happier than knowing my best friend is heading into her wedding with a proper send off is thinking about her preparing my couch for me when I come to visit! ;)  

Friday, 26 November 2010

A Big Decision to Make

Mike and I had a long talk last night about whether we should honeymoon now or later.

We'd been planning a week long trip to Niagra Falls, over Christmas. It will be beautiful, snowing and a wonderful time all around. A dreamy Christmastime trip, complete with fine dining, sight seeing, gambling and fireworks on Christmas Eve. A wonderful bonding time for the two of after a long time apart.

So what's the problem?

Mike found a job a month later than we had hoped and I currently don't have a job, or one lined up. So we've have to start spending savings that we hadn't planned on.We just paid the first month's rent on a town house, plus the security deposit, plus all of the fees for transferring all of the utilities to our name. We still have to buy a washer and dryer and bedroom furniture. If we don't go on the honeymoon we can buy the washer and dryer and part of the bedroom set, in cash. I've considered not buying a washer and dryer immediately and using the laundry mat downtown, but Mike is concerned about me driving downtown in the snow/ice alone to use the laundry mat (as he has a day job so I'll be the one using the laundry mat during the day).  If we don't honeymoon we can spend a few more days in SC with my family, spend the week doing things like going grocery shopping, getting me to where I'm comfortable with the town, applying for a part time job, putting me on his bank card, and finding a new bank in our town. We could put up a tree and go to the Christmas eve celebration at his parent's house and cook a nice romantic dinner for Christmas.

The practical me says skip it and go in the summer when we can afford it. The more frivoulous me says go and enjoy the special time with my honey. The practical me says we'll be too worried about finances to enjoy it. As you can probably tell, I'm leaning towards canceling it. But before I make any set in stone decision, I've decided to spend a few days praying about it and to see where that leads me.

Any thoughts?

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

I wanna win so bad!

I feel like I've entered thousands of Silhoutte giveways. Here is the most recent I've found:


Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Mini Bridal Shower Updated with pics

Last Friday afternoon at 4pm I headed over to Hot Glue's apartment with a few of my college friends who couldn't make it to my bridal shower in Hartsville.

We munched on chocolate cake, trail mix, yogurt covered pretzels, empanadas and sausage balls. We ate throughout the entire shower and ended up not wanting dinner.

While we munched we played games. For the first game, Hotglue has asked Mike questions in an email (ranging from favorite color and his favorite thing about me to the wildest thing he'd ever done). The girls placed bets on how many questions I would get right and then thry took turns asking me the questions. The closest girl won a prize. I loved the game and made Mike answer the questions about me once I got home. We tied for the number of correct answers.

We played some other great games like bridal pictionary and  dress the bride. My second favorite game was when Hotglue made us all close our eyes and draw a scene from the wedding day as she described it.

Towards the end we opened gifts and helped Lu clean up. I was so touched that my friends would have a second shower to make sure I got to play bridal games and eat good cake (My first shower was a one hour long drop in, with vanilla on vanilla cake which I really don't like).

Oh, and I broke a ribbon after trying really hard not to!

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Its That Fabulous Time of Year

The time for baking of sweets, purchasing and wrapping of gifts and the sending of Christmas cards. I tend to send a few cards every year. I even bought a pack while I was in Scotland to send to my new friends in Glasgow and my old friends back home. This year I've attempted to make all of my Christmas cards but between school and wedding planning I've only managed to make four cards which isn't quite enough. So, I was happy to discover all of the beautiful Christmas cards at Shutterfly.  If I were more organized I probably would have sent a few adorable Thanksgiving cards (those were on my list to make too, but well, you know how it goes)

I've never ordered from Shutterfly before but I'm very tempted after browsing through all of their cards. Here are a few of my favorites:

I would love to put a photo of our first kiss as a married couple in the frame.

Being the lover of all things Scottish and tartan, I think this is my top pick for a current card.

I like this one- maybe  to send as a new year's card for next year  to recap the first year of our married life!

Shutterfly also has some cute gift tags you might want to look into. This one is my favorite:

Happy Holidays!!1

Note: I received a promo code for 50 cards in return for a post on my favorites! Check it out: http://bit.ly/sfly2010

Monday, 8 November 2010

A Lovely Weekend: Planning and Bridal Shower

I drove home Friday afternoon with Hotglue and Lyric. We picked up my sister and then went off to run wedding errands. We made nail appointments for the day before the wedding, dropped off the drawing of the  reception layout and went to my dress fitting!

We tried our darndest to make makeup appointments. But 1 (of 3) counters in Belk told us they could only make one appointment that day, another told us no appointments were being accepted that week and the third counter told us to call back Saturday morning. We called back Saturday morning and they told us they would call us back in a few minutes. We headed off to my bridal shower and didn't hear from them all day. I've got to call them back this week and find out if they can do the other 5 appointments. I didn't realize that the counters would shut down in December.

My bridal shower was lovely. There was cake, pecans, chips and (the best ever) dip, fudge, and mini biscuits and absoulutely yummy punch. We snacked and then I set to opening gifts. I got some fabulous gifts including a crockpot, the plates and silverware I wanted, lots of mixing bowls and casserole dishes and other fabulous kitchen and bath things.

 One of my flower girls helping me unwrap a microwave

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

A Fun Filled Halloween Weekend

What did you do for Halloween?

Saturday night I went to a party at Hotglue's apartment. She and her roomates were dressed as characters from Dora, I went as a 1950's housewife, Lyric as Audrey Hepburn and K10 as Rosie the Riveter.

We played board games, drank strawberry margaritas and they taught me how to meringue, in case I want to do it at my wedding. Sunday night a group off us walked around the neighboorhood looking at all of the tiny tiny princesses and cowboys. It was fun and we got good exercise.

Monday, 1 November 2010

Novembers Here!

And a fun filled month it will be!

This week I'm baking 50-200 cookies for the Dean's Tea
This weekend is my bridal shower and two of my bridemaids and I will be spending Friday night at my parent's house.
My college's homecoming dance is this Saturday night
Next weekend is Lyric's 22nd birthday and we're all going out for dinner and gelato.
The third weekend in Novemeber is my Bachelorette Party! All of the details are still a suprise! I'm so excited!
And then its Thanksgiving weekend!

Things to look for this month:

A Halloween post
A Bridal shower recap post
Bachelorette Post- possibly a guest post from hotglue if I can convince her
A post on all of the wonderful holiday cards shutterfly has to offer
]A book review of Eat Pray Love