Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Chicken Chili

This amazing chicken chili recipe came from a recipe my mom found in Southern Living. It was done so quickly there wasn't anytime for pictures!

Heres what happened:

3-4 cups of precooked chicken. (Ended up being a whole bag of tyson grilled)
4 cans of navy beans- drained
1 can of chicken broth
14 ounces of chopped green chilis
chili seasoning
red pepper seasoning
1 onion chopped

Bring it to boil and let simmer for 30 minutes. Top with cheese. I used cheddar and my mom used swiss. However, I think it would be best with montery jack and fresh bacon crumbles and a dollop of sour cream..

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  1. You might also like chili made with ground pork, made like this instead of chicken. I used to make it sometimes instead of regular chili, because I could use the smaller navy beans that Dave would eat, where as he wouldn't eat kidney beans. Neither would I for that matter. You can add carrots and diced tomatoes still, it makes it a little pink, but suits the pork. I also like to add cocoa powder and cinnamon and ginger to my regular chili con carne, because it adds a depth of flavor, a richness that you wouldn't get otherwise. You can add the cinnamon and ginger to your white...ore chicken or pork chili as well. I add the cocoa powder to beef stew too. It isn't sweet, it is just rich. You cannot really taste the cocoa, just the richness. You can add it to meatloaf or hamburgers or beef stroganoff. Any beef dish really. Your grandmother makes a white lasagna that has ham and spinach for something different. It is yummy too and easily made i think.


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