Sunday, 18 November 2012

Pretty Pots

My mother is an avid gardner so for Christmas I thought it would be nice to make her some pretty pots. I found inspiration on Pinterest. I got the idea HERE, and the below picture is  one of her examples.

I bought pots in three different sizes and sprayed them inside and out with clear acrylic sealer so that the pots can be used outdoors. I started with the smallest post and used outdoor modpode to glue the fabric on. I then pleated the fabic at the tops and bottoms of the pots so that it would lay flat. I mopodged the completed pots to make the fabric hard and water resistant. I also made sure that the pots' drainage holes remained uncovered.  I think they turned out cute!

The smallest pot was the hardest for me because there was so  much  extra fabric and it was causing what was glued down to wrinke. The second one I sat in my lap and rolled the fabric aorund it on a diagonal. I ran out of fabric 2about 3 centimeters early so I just cut a strip out of th extra fabric and overlapped it. For the third pot, I tried sittong it on the table. I modpodged a section and then wrapped the fabric, and went around section by section. This seemed to work the best. at the end I cut off  the surplus fabric at the top and then what was left around the inside of the pot. By the time I'd done the third pot I'd really gotten the hand of it and wished I had more pots to do!

Monday, 12 November 2012

Hershey Here We Come! Yum!

We went to Hershey this weekend for our anniversary getaway (although our anniversary isn't technically for a couple more  weeks). We took a tour of the chocolate factory, participated in a marketing taste test and watched a Hershey Bear's Hockey Game. Basically, we had a blast.
All of the  yummy candy!

The Hershey Cows

Making the candy...

Packaging the candy

All your favorites

Hardening the chocolate

Bird;s eye view of the bakery!