Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Give Me Five!

When I first started Thursday Five I wasn't sure I wanted to make it a weekly thing, but after doing it for a few weeks I really like how it makes me reflect back on my week and truly appreciate and enjoy some of the things that have happened.

Thursday Five

I'm posting five things this week that have made me:






1. I'm excited about all of the wedding inspiration I've found this week. I've found some really good ideas and products that I've gotten pretty excited about! I'll be posting about it later!

2 .I walked around the other day for a while and  found an American bank,  and the ATM accepted my card.  And it spoke to me in English! I was grateful and excited all in one!

3. I added tomatos to this weeks grocery list and have been enjoying yummy tomato sandwiches.

4. I was very very appreciative that Mr. Groom cleaned the bathroom before I could get to it.

5. Lots of happiness in the blog world this week as well: new followers, I finished up a draft of a guest post, got asked to guest post on another blog and I've been approached about hosting a yummy giveaway. So stay tuned for great balls of fun!

What things have made your week?

Cleaning in Korea


I've done a lot of cleaning this week.

I sweep several times a week anyway, but I think I defintely swept twice as much this week. We have hardwood floors and I shed like an eighty pound long haired dog with a balding problem, so if I don't sweep every other day then it starts to look like we have carpet. Yeah, it gets that ick. There are two problems I have with sweeping. One is a local problem: The only brooms we have are half the size of regular brooms. And thats the only kind of broom I've seen here. Shopkeepers and street sweepers sweep with half brooms. I don't understand why. I mean, there are tons of skyscrapers and cellphone stores- can't someone here make a full size broom? The second problem I have is more personal. As I sweep, my hair falls out. So its like theres no end to the chore. So I just sweep until I reach the point where I just give up. PS: I registered for a pet hair vaccum and we don't have any pets.  And I want it really bad.

At the beginning of the week I cleaned out the fridge and cleaned the water dispenser. I started to clean the bathroom until I realized Mr. Groom had beat me to it. And after he came home from work, I thanked him and he said something along the lines of "Man these kitchen floors need some work". How's that for a hint?

So Wednesday I got in there and swept twice and then scrubbed the hard woods in the kitchen with a dishrag, swept the living/bed room and spot scrubbed that room since it wasn't as dirty. After  everything dried I had to sweep again. Bleh.

So now all I have left to do this week is clear the clutter off the coffe table and the suitcases and do laundry. There isn't much room to store the clutter so I'll either just end up rearranging it or stuffing it int a suitcase until its time to head home. As for the laundry, I alternate between washing towels one week and sheets the next because the washer takes almost two hours and we don't have enough space to hang up both towels and sheets and our clothes at the same time. And I'm too lazy to do laundry more than once a week. Unless its an emergency. Oh how I miss America-where even if you dont have a dryer you probably have somewhere to string a clothesline.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

10 Things That Make Me Smile

Here is a list of ten things that can make me smile, even if I'm not in a good mood:

1. Suprises. I love suprises- anything from a "Hey honey we've got dinner reservations" to  "I decided to plan a picnic for this afternoon".

2. Mail. I love getting mail. Maybe because its a type of suprise. And I mean real mail like a letter, card or package. No bills or advertisements please.

3. Chocolate. Duh. Any kind. Even better if its a suprise.

4. Playing with little kids. Whenever I used to voluteer as an assitant Brownie Girl Scout leader I always left the meetings in  good mood- no matter how bad my day had been before.

5. Ice cream. Very similar to thing three.

6. Flowers. Sometimes I'll buy them for myself, but its even it better if they're a suprise. I love the way they look on the counter or table.

7. Precious Moments. I used to collect these figurines, but a few years ago the shelf holding them collapsed and most of mine broke. They still make me smile though.

8. Scrapbooking supplies. I could spend all day wondering around stores like Hobby Lobby or Scrapbook Creations trying to decide what to get.

9. A trip to the library. Especially the library in my college town. Its a nice atmosphere and they have tons of amazing books. The only down side is because I'm not a citizen I can only check out four things at a time.

10. Real Simple magazine. I love to flip through reading all of the tips and tricks, saving recipes and admiring rhe beautiful ads.

What things make you smile?

(This post was inspired by one of Mama Kat's assignments)

Go Win Wednesday

There are a few lovelies up for grabs this week. Most are USA only or unspecified. Let me know if you win. Good luck!


Ends July 9th. Win a high waisted pencil skirt.


ENDS TODAY. Win lovely handtowels.
Ends July 12th. USA only. Win a fabulous prize pack.
Ends July 16th. USA only. Win a cookbook.
Ends July 5th. USA only win a brugo mug
Ends July 21st. US and Canada.  Win a Oscar Meyer and Kraft Prize pack.


Ends July 19th. Win a necklace
Ends July 12th. Win a Crabapple Designs giftcard. (I really really want her notecards as wedding thank yous.)
Ends July 11. Win a watch.
Ends  July 11th. Win a purse and matching key fob.
Ends July 14th. Win Amy's Kitchen food products.
Ends July 7th. Win a $40 gift card to CSN Stores.

G is for Ginormous Sweet Tooth

Yeah, I know, you probably figured this one out yourselves. Its not like you could tell from my blog title.  But seriously, I will rarely turn down a sweet treat. And if I do, you should probably rush me to the ER.

I have a ginormous sweet tooth. I even thought (for only a few seconds and then I realized Mr. Groom probably wouldn't come.) of having a chocolate themed wedding.

Because of my ginormous sweet tooth (and the fact that its a stress reliever)I love to bake. Unfortunately, Mr. Groom isn't big on sweets so I've got to find others to share my treats with lest I gain my weight in chocolate. No thank you.

Here are some of my favorite types of treats:

Cookie: chocolate chip. Seriously, sometimes I suck down the store bough frozen dough before it can even make it to the oven

Ice cream: rocky road or moosetracks. Suprinsingly enough, I don't like plain chocolate ice cream. It tastes funny.

Cake: Chocolate with cream cheese icing or Italian Cream Cake or German Chocolate. Also, I love the key lime pie cupcakes I made that one time.

Cheesecake: Again, not really chocolate. I like the regular cheesecake topped with cherries. Mmmm.

Milkshake: Chocolate pineappple. Sonic doesn't list this flavor combo on their menu but they will make it if you order it. Go try it and tell me what you think.

Random: SMORES. I absolutely adore smores. Two of my favorite things- chocolate and marshmallows. I recently heard of someone making smores with reese cups. Have you ever? I think I might try it.

Hard candy: Werthers Orginals and Jolly ranchers. Thats about it. Unless peanut butter M&Ms count?

Non hard candy: Riesens-although I haven't had them in years.

What are your favorite sweet treats?

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Opposites Attract

Lately, I've noticed that some things about me and mr. groom are very different. Now, don't get me wrong here, we do have a lot of things in common and we get along fabulously. But on some things we tend to be on opposite ends of the spectrum. Our differences can be chalked up to gender, age and personality.

Here are some examples:

Our  thought processes. He tends to be a very linear thinker, whereas I am conceptual. He thinks out plans for  doing things around the house, like "trash, recycling, dishes, mop kitchen.", whereas I may think "clean kitchen, take out trash, tidy the bedroom". He also works through certain related talking points and has trouble when I jump from one idea to another with the swoop of my tounge. Similarly, he likes to think big and focus on big things. Whereas I do think big picture things I  really like dealing with the details. I recently asked him to make a 101/1001 list like I did. I made my in about two days. He says he can't think of 100 small thngs because all he can see is the bigger picture. I managed to squeeze 17 smaller goals out of him.

Creativity. He paints the walls of the box and rearranges the furniture. I play just outside of the box.  My box may have a garden and pretty sunflowers growing outside. Oh, and a hot tub on the roof.

Schedules. My idea of sleeping in is 10am. His is around noon. But, his idea of staying up late is around 6am and my is around 1am

In vs out. He likes to eat in, hang out and watch movies. I like to go out more than I like to stay in. Doesn't have to be expenisve- a walk in the park will do. He gets the "lets go out" bug more than I want to have stay in days so we're doing good so far. I think once we're back in the states and have our own place I'll get a little more content with staying in because I'll have my scrapbooking supplies and a kitchen to bake in.

Saturday, 26 June 2010

In love...

I recently discovered Farmhouse Wares and baby am I in love. I wish they had a bridal registry or wishlist option because I would totally signup! Here are some of my favorite things:

Cupcake Stands! These babies are too cute!

I would love to make a big banana pancake breakfast and pour my milk from this:

This darling is perfect for helping me wrap gifts:

And I would have to find a reason to use these baskets:

Have you ever bought anything from Farmhouse Wares?

Word to Changwon

When I get back to the states I want to make a flip book of all of the mistranslations I've come across. Here are a few- look closely. 

this one may not be unintentional but I'm not sure

Thursday, 24 June 2010

In Need of New Clothes...

So the washing machine here stretches out clothes out like you wouldn't believe- and we dn't have a dryer to help shrink them back to normal. Poor Mr. Groom will have to buy all new clothes when he gets back to the states-he has lost at least 20 pounds and his clothes are all stretched out from the machine. I noticed the other day that my tshirts look a size too big. But today was the kicker- Mr. Groom kept nudging me and telling me I was flashing everyone. The shirt I was wearing was cut like a tshirt. But its been stretched so much that when I sit down the sleeves either slide off my shoulders or my tatas fall out of the neckline. So I went out and bought some febreeze so that I can wash my clothes less often and wear things like my dresses that I usually only Dryel.My Korean friend A and my newfound American friends M and J hope to take a shopping  trip soon but until then I am in desperate need of:


Okay, well mostly I need things like the top picture but I always get suckered in by pretty dresses.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

I'm on time!

I'm on time with this weeks Thursday Five. Well it here it goes and feel free to join in on the fun.

Thursday Five

I'm suppoused to post 5 things this week that made me:

Totally Stoked

1. Girl Talk and a Rotti Bun. Yesterday my two new American girlfriends, M and J went to Rotti Rotti Bun, a cafe type place. We all had very yummy Rotti Buns. Rotti Buns are big brown buns that are baked with a big scoop of butter on the inside. They're absolutely amazing. And ours were the first of the day and just out of the oven. Incredible. It was also super amazing to be able to have some girl chit chat, with out having to do extra work to help get my point across. Here are some pictures I found of Rotti buns, because I'm a slacker and forgot to take my own. Next time my friends, next time.                                                      


2.  I won two giveaways this week- business cards from Uprinting and a personalized snack mix from my                                 
3.  I was able to cross the first thing off of my 101/1001 list this week-buying my wedding earrings! And I inspired "my bestie" to make her own list. She's up to 40 items now.

4.   I'm up to 26 followers! Thank you! 

5.   This one is super simple but it delighted me just the same. This week I discovered that I  can get a vanilla (soft serve) ice cream cone for less than 40 cents. If I want chocolate instead its about 70 cents. I prefer scoop ice cream to soft serve but for 40 cents I'm not complaining!

What made your week this week?

Korean Bucket List

I've crossed on item off of my 101/1001 list but I probably won't be able to do much more of the until I return home at the endof August. That being said, I've put together a list of things I'd like to do while I'm in Korea.

1. Finish my wedding planning guest post.
2. Learn how to ask how much something costs.
3. Learn my numbers 1-10, 100, 500, 1000
4. Go to the market.
5. Visit somewhere other than the city I live in.
6. Eat machiato ice cream-- I think thats what it was called- you eat it with your hands?
7. Eat at the gelato and waffles place.
8. Go to the game bong (like the nor-ray-bong/ private karoke room but with with a Wii instead of karoke)
9. Buy postcards for my wedding guest book.
10. Buy souvenirs.
11. Send my bestie a postcard.
12. Take more pictures of me and mr.groom on my camera
13. Collect my new friends email addresses/facebooks.
14. Take a picture for our engagement notice.
15. See the buddhist temple that mr.groom showed me pictures of.
16. Try the German coffee shop. (Weird, I know but I've already been to the Irish pub)

Wedding Planning = First Thing Off The List

I'm still working with the caterer to get a price for my dessert reception. But I have gotten some things done since I've been in South Korea. Today I ordered my wedding invitations from American Wedding! I didn't order the satin ribbon with it because I thought it was way overpriced so I'm going to try to find some ribbon half off at Hobby Lobby, and if not I can easily order some from American Wedding when I begin addressing envelopes and have it delivered by the time I'm ready to tie them up and seal them.

 I also broke down and purchased my wedding earrings. They cost more than I think earrings should ever cost but they are very lovely and match my dress perfectly. And because they cost a bunch I'll always have an excuse to wear them (I like to think of things in terms of per use costs).  I got them here, at etsy, of course. And guess what? *GASP* Buying/Making my wedding earrings is #74 on my  101/1001 list. So yay! I'm making progress!!! Woot!

Go Win Wednesday

This weeks Go Win Wednesday is looking pretty good. Everything from jewlery and dog collars to stuff for kids. Let me know if you win!


Ends June 25th. Win a $30 voucher to an Etsy jewlery store.

Ends July 1st. Win a personalized family tree necklace.

Ends June 6th. Non USA residents pay shipping fee. Win either an owl clutch or or an apron top.

Ends June 26th. Win a Bailey Brooke Designs Dog Collar

Ends June 26th. Win a $20 credit to Sweet Harper Hair Clippies. Perfect for little girls!

Ends June 26th. Win a lil girls apron!

Ends June 26th Win a $10 credit for kids hat!

Ends June 26th. Win 3 hairbows of your choice.

Ends June 30th. Win a necktie and bowtie of your choice.


Ends June 26. Open to USA/Canadia only. Win a customized tutu!

Ends June 26th. USA only. Win an absolutely adorable headband.

Ends June 26th. USA and Canada only. Win a $25 certificate to Dog is Good.

Ends June 28th. "" Win a pair of children's flipflops

Ends July 6th. USA only. Win a $30 gift certificate to skin free.

Win a $50 gift card to Photo Card Creations

Don't forget about the special Etsy deal just for my readers!

Monday, 21 June 2010

F is for Five Things I Like About South Korea

1. No Fear

There is little to be afraid of here. Children play in the streets at midnight on a Friday night. Children buy ice cream from random men on the sidewalk. Delivery restaurants bring food in real dishes and people leave them outside their doors for the restaurant to collect. No one thinks of stealing them.

2. Packaged Foods
 Things that come in bags like big bags of chips or cereal come with stickers on them. You use the sticker to seal the bag. Brillant.

3. Words of Wisdom
My friend A informed me of two korean sayings the other day. One is "You have thin ears". It means that you listen too much to what other people think. The other is, "You are going to fly away". It implies that you listen so much to what other people think that your ears are flapping back and forth and you will take off. We could all listen a little less to what others think of us and the things we do.

4. Numbered Buildings
If my computer cord was working I could show you a picture of this. Instead of having an address like 101 Blog Lane, buildings are assigned numbers. I think we live in 13. This eliminates confusion. For example, in the states, my sister could live on 101 Main St, and I could live on 101 Mane St. This way, each building has a unique number and your pizza gets delivered to the right address.

5. Postage
I mailed two postcards internationally. It costs me ten cent total. Total. When I was in Scotland mailing one letter  to the states cost me close to 2.5 dollars.

An {etsy} Deal Just For You!

The Etsy seller who offers the following two products (they were featured here) has offered my readers a 10% discount on the two items. Follow the links below to get to the product. Please leave a message for the seller letting her know you found the dicount here. She recommends putting RLB88 in the message to the seller box.

Don't forget about Mingle Monday!

Head over to Life of Meg and help finish the story about a cupcake crisis. Don't forget to comment on the other participants blogs. Tomorrow, she'll post a list of participating blogs for you to visit.

A little something for your Monday: Beautiful Blogger Award

A long long time ago I was given the beautiful blogger award by More Than a Mommy. Here is the award:
Recieving the award comes with two stipulations. I must pass the award on to seven people and give seven facts about myself.

Here are the winners:

Food Floozie: This is a wonderful blog. She writes beautifully about food and life in general. I love the recipes she posts. She also has a gorgeous layout and a very creative title.

Justin and Marice: A beautiful blog where they share their life as newlyweds. Lovely, inspiring, and well written.

Life of Meg: Meg's blog is a perfect read for a daily dose of fun and sass. She's started Mingle Monday which is lots of fun and a great way to find new blogs to read.

Some Days You Gotta Dance: I'm a fairly new follower but I like what I see. Oh, and shes a baker like me!

Yada Yada Yada: A dear friend and fellow blogger. She doesn't post often but when she does she's full of wisdom and great stories. 

my I-Do It Yourself Wedding: One of the many wedding planning blogs I follow.

Life Blessons:  Starting with the title, everything about her blog is wondferful. She writes about everything from God and marriage to maing her own shampoo.

Now for the seven facts about me:

1. I drink mostly water.
2. I don't like tuna (mr. groom says this is not normal. Am I alone?)
3. I don't have a favorite flower- I like anything  that is uniquely colored or shaped.
4. I desperately want to be able to afford all of my Etsy favorites.
5. I really really want my own place so I can cook dinner, make menus and decorate.
6. I really want to try the chocolate bacon bar and bacon cupcakes. (have you?)
7. I live in my flip flops.


Sunday, 20 June 2010

A Few of My Favorite {etsy} Things

My current "big" dream is to be able to buy all of my Etsy favorites. Since I can't, I'm sharing my favorites with you. Consider it a new take on ATMS. Click on the descriptions to be taken to the etsy shop with the product:

Friday, 18 June 2010

Just a quick recap

I've been going to school with Mr. Groom. The children are just adorable! Many of them are very eager to look and talk to me. I've met many little girls who have learned to say my name and always ask "Girlfriend?". One even dug out her workbook and showed me a picture of a bride and then pointed to me and said "Teacher bride". So cute I may have to steal one...

I've started giving myself little photography projects. Yesterdays was to walk around downtown and take pictures of all of the mistranslated signs. Todays was suppoused to be photograph all of the statues downtown. But it rained so it turned into play papparazi and photograph Mr. Groom. He doesn't like me taking pictures of him- says he looks like a goober. But I managed to get some sexy shirtless photos of him this morning, and a few of him sitting at his desk at work.

Oh! I want you to guess what I had for dinner last night.

Fried chicken, watermelon and peanuts.

I must have stepped into a cultural time warp bubble when we went out for dinner. The place also served eel, cuttle fish and a variety of other nonappetizing culinary delights.

Five Question Friday.

Happy Friday everybody!

1. What is your favorite thing about summertime?

The excuse to have lots of icecream. And trips to the beach

2. What is your ideal retirement location (if money didn't matter)?
I would have many homes across the USA (east coast mountains and beach) and Europe (Scotland, Italy) as well as Australia. I

3. Do you live in the same town you grew up in?
I'm a college student so sort of. Currently I'm in Changwon, South Korea, in August I'll be in the Upstate of SC and in December I might be in PA

4. What nervous habit did you have as a child that you kicked to the curb before becoming an adult?
chewing on my hair....thank goodness...its totally gross!

5. What is the most embarrassing thing that happened to you while on the job?

Hmmmm. This is a toughie. Got it. Dropping a salad in a mans lap and then trying to clean it up. Yeah, I never wanna wait tables again.


I know its not Thursday anymore but I've been wanting to jump on this bandwagon now for awhile, so I figured better late than never.  So here goes my first Thursday Five.

Thursday Five

I'm suppoused to post things that make me:


1. I bought my wedding garter this week! Its from this Etsy shop and I love it. Here's a picture:

2. I am very thankful that I get to spend the summer with Mr. Groom. We'd been apart for around 10 months.

3. The past two days I have been to work with Mr. Groom and played with the kids before class. Mr. Groom says they usually shy away from touching the western teachers, but they have been holding my hand and giving me high-fives. They are absolutely adorable. I took pictures but of course I don't have my cord.

4. Our weekend plans make me very excited! We're going to dinner with a mixed group of Koreans, Americans and possibly Canadians and then hopefully to the lake for a light show and then to the singing room for karoke.

5. This week I got two emails from my bestest friend!

What things made your week?

Talk it Up Tuesday Recap

Well, it wasn't a big success, but I'll try again in a few weeks and if it doesn't stick then I'll go back to regular post Tuesdays. But I did have one follower participate.

Thanks yentamary of Food Floozie. I'm fairly new to her blog but what I've read so far I love. She posts about food, cooking, religion and life in general and has a beautiful blog design. Go check her out. I promise you won't regret it.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Book: What I Did for Love by Susan Elizabeth Philips

The title of this book would be more accurate if it were "What I Did For Fame".

Through a series of bad judgements Georgie York ends up married to her childhood costar. Both are at a place in their lives where they just can't handle any more bad publicity and agree to stay married for the good publicity. Georgie wants to recover publically from a failed marriage, and her new husband from a bad boy reputation. As they struggle to adjust their lives to one another, and their personal assitants they find that they might just be falling in love.

I read this book on the airplane. Its definitely an easy, noncomittal read. If you're looking for something a little serious, or something that makes  you want to read on, find another book. If you want something to help you sleep on airplane, check this one out. That being said, not bad for a beach or airplane read.

Help Me Out With Number 40?

Number 40 on my 101/1001 list is to make a list of 25 books I want to read. I am being very picky about the books I put on the list. I am trying to choose books that I have wanted to read for a while but haven't gotten around to it.

I don't want to finalize the list until I am back in the USA because I keep a running notebook of recommended reading that I want to pick a few books from. I think I want to try and stick mostly to fiction books

But all of my list probably won't come from that notebook. Thats where you come in. What are your favorite books of all time? Have you finished a really great book recently?

Here is the list I've got so far:

1. Problems Men Started- Nikki Hardin
2. Animal Farm- George Orwell
3. The Tipping Point- Malcolm Gladwell
4. Housekeeping-Marilynne Robinson
5. Suck in your stomach and put some color on-Shellie Tomilson
6. As If I Am Not There- Slavenka Drakulic
7. The Year of the Flood- Margaret Atwood
8. The Lost Hours- Karen White

Thanks for your suggestions. I'll let you know if any of them make the list!

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

E is for Elastic Waist Pants and Other Trends That I Followed

For the longest time I refused to wear jeans. The only pants my mother could get me into were elastic waisted black Hang Ten brand pants. They had little handprints on them at the top. They looked something like this:

I also went through a leopard print phase. I had a leopaard print skirt, leopard print sandals, purse and lunchbox. I had 2 different black shirts with leopard print  trim and a black beanie with leopard trip. The last 6 pack of Walmart undearwear I bought was leopard print. The rug in my room had a leopard on it. My bedspread is red with leopards on it. Maybe I should have said never got out of a leopard phase. Maybe I was raised in the jungle by a pack of English speaking leopards.

In high school I went through a second no jeans phase. Except this time I wore short skirts and dresses instead of cloth pants. I wore skirts and heels every flippin' day to school. Every day I got asked to perform the fingertip test. Everyday I performed the test and smirked because I knew I was getting away by mere centimeters.

I also went through a no tennis shoes phase. I hated them- the way the looked, the way the fit, the way my laces wouldn't stay tied unless I triple knotted them and then they just looked dumb. I always thought they made my size 6.5 feet look two big. A semester in Scotland has gotten me used to wearing them again but they're still not my favorite. My current mission is to find an everyday pair of shoes that aren't tennis shoes and aren't flip flops.

What were your funny fashion trends? Did you wear parachute pants? Go through a tiedye phase? How about denim outfits. C'mon fess up!

Don't forget to check out this weeks giveaways!

(Apologies are needed to the person who left a comment this morning. I've been struggling with IntenseDebate and comluv recently and I think your comment got deleted. I want to say it was Meg's Blog)

Go Win Wednesday

There is a bit more for you to win this week. Let me know if you win!


Ends June 21st. Win customized jewelry from Graycat

Ends July 2nd. Win 3 bars of goats milk soap. She's got lots of great scents to choose from.


Ends  June 17th. Win a personalized BBQ set.
Ends June 18th. Win free business cards.
Ends June 29th. Win a bath product gift basket

Talk it Up Tuesdays: Making a 101/1001 list

I want to try something out. I want to try to start Talk it Up Tuesdays. For talk it up Tuesdays I will eitther post a topic  to blog about, ask some questions or offer up a creative challenge. Depending on the Tuesday, your responses will either be in comments or through a mclinky. I'm thinking about doing this everyother week. Sound good?

This week I want to piggyback off of yesterdays post about lists. Have you made a bucket list or a 101 things to do in 1001 days list? I finished mine this morning and will post it here. If  you've made a list share it in the McLinky. If you haven't leave a comment listing your top goals. Also, I'd love any suggestions or tips on how to complete the goals on mine.

As a bonus for leaving a comment or sharing your list I will post a list of bloggers that participated along with a little blurb about your blog. Now- go make that list!

1.Get Married
2. Honeymoon
3. Go to New Orleans
4.Go to Vegas with Mr. Groom
5. See the Grand Canyon
6. Graduate from College
7. Have homemade food 7 nights in a row.
8. Host a dinner party
9. Have a cheese party
10. Clean out my room at my parents house.
11. Take a cake decorating class
12.Go camping
13. Visit the Biltmore
14. Tour a winery
15. Buy a postcard album/box
16.Visit Yellowstone
17. Get a job
18. Frame my wedding pictures
19. Send someone a card I made
20. Take a couples trip
21. Go on a girls getaway
22. Make a scrapbook
23. Help Morningside raise money for their renovation project
24. Participate in Operation Christmas Child
25. Create a writing portfolio
26. Create a professional website and/or business cards
27. Take Mr. Groom to Morningside
28. Learn to make bread
29. Go to Morningsides Card Making Minstry at least once
30. Change my name
31. Volunteer at a soup kitchen
32. Send thank you notes for all of our wedding gifts
33. Have a real Christmas tree
34. Buy Mr. Groom a personal Christmas Ornament
35. Have Boudoir photos made
36. Go back to the drive in movies
37. Give out Halloween candy
38. Buy wedding shoes
39. See Prince of Persia
40. Make a 25 books to read list
41. Read all 25 books
42. Make a perpetual calendar with important dates on both sides
43. Post an engagement notice in the paper
44. Try 15 new non-dessert recipeS
45. Try 15 new dessert recipes.
46. Finish Westbound Hope
47. Create a Places to Submit Notebook
48. Load all pictures on my camera onto cds
49. Get comfortable dancing
50. Edit and perfect my vows
51. Get my makeup done for a nautual look
52. Learn to do my makeup the same way
53. Take Mr. Groom to Cherokee
54. Visit Texas
55. Voluteer with Girl Scouts
56. Make homemade icecream
57. Publish a piece of writing
58. Buy personalized stationary
59. Sell my prom dresss
60. Go to a fair
61. Go back to Bamajam/something similar
62. Send Christmas Carrds
63. Pay off 50% of my student loans
64. Send a care package
65. Stay at a bed and breakfast
66. Do a 365 photo challenge
67. Send regular snail mail to my friends once I graduate
68. Write daily
69. Parasail
70. Make postcards out of pictures I've taken
71. Create a weekly menu
72. Make truffles again
73. Get an after college job
74. Make Wedding Earrings
75. Host a blog giveaway
76. Make a home with Mr. Groom
77. Take pictures in a photo booth
78. Attend Converse College's Class of 2011 graduation ceremony
79. Do something to benefit a soldier
80. Be a Girl Scout leader
81. Lay the plans for a reoccuring Girls Weekend Vacation
82. Get another massage
83. Put all of my books on shelves
84. Get an autographed book from Terry Goodkind
85. Look into being a foster parent
86. Make Smores with Homemade Marshmallows and Graham crackers
87. Make Homemade hot chocolate
88. Make and give cake in a jar
89. Make a cocktail at home, not from a mix
90. Try a chocolate bacon bar
91. Wrap a gift in a bobo wrap scarf
92. Meet Mr. Groom's mother
93. Buy a scrapbook suppy organizer
94. Go to a card making class or tutorial
95. Eat at PF Changs
96. Eat at Scrapbook Creations again
97. Take "Lyric" to 5 Guys
98. Try the once a month cooking thing
99. Go on just for fun walks
100. Buy personalized address labels.
101. Visit Savannah and eat at Paula Deen's restaurant

Monday, 14 June 2010

More Food (Mis)Adventures

Ya'll will probably be hearing a lot about my food misadventures-at least until the end of August when I will return to the comfort of southern food and then begin experimenting with recipes I've been collecting this summer.

Saturday night a group of us went to dinner. We had some type of pork (sim something), that is very similar to bacon and almost as deliscious. At this dinner, I was taught a new way to hold and use chopsticks and suprinsingly, it worked- unllike the 82 other methods I'd been shown. Try, try, try again. We had the pork and with it they served many side dishes. Mr. Groom  coerced me into trying the octopus side dish. The taste wasn't bad but it was too chewy for my liking. After dinner we were served some type of drink that ended in the "qua" sound and was quite yummy. It was sort of like drinking cold apple cider, with honey but a bit thicker.

After dinner we headed home to  meet two more friends to watch the World Cup. Well, they had not had dinner yet and brought Japanese take out with them. And offered to share. Lucky us. Mr. Groom explained to me before, that refusing food was equal to a social slap in the face. So I took a bite. And then our guests announced what we were eating. Cuttle fish. Look it up. Its a squidy type fish. It had been made into meatball shaped  pieces along with very slimy bread. The texture was too much to handle. It sloshed around in my mouth as I tried to swallow it. Half of it down and I felt my gag reflex kicking in. Have mercy, I can't reject their dinner like this. At this time, a soccer player  tripped and our guests raised thier hands to their mouths in laughter. I raised mine, in kind. But I was keeping my dinner from spewing across the apartment. Luckily, I was able to swallow it and then hopped up for some water. I made a comment about being so full from dinner and THANK THE HEAVENS our male guest asked me if, since I was full, his girlfriend could finish mine. I could have kissed him.

Sunday, we went to Pizza Etang for our usual Sunday afternoon pizzas. I've become fond of their pineapple pizza. Sunday night, I braved the ferocious fire spitting gas oven and made scrambled eggs with peppers and cheese. I've cooked with gas before, but this stovetop seemed to either be full flame or no heat. I managed to cook Mr. Grooms eggs in a scalding 5 seconds, did mine in 6 and ended up with burnt bits.

Tonight- I mastered the flame. I was able to coerce the stove into giving me a smaller flame. I heated hot dog weenies and peppers and topped  them off with cheese and mustard. Mmmm.

And I'll likely be back at the grocery store tomorrow. Wish me luck

Oh and I promise that E is for.... will be coming up soon

Two ATM Favorite Quotes and One More ATM Favorite Food

These quotes come from the book Five, that I bought at a Starbucks. Its one of those quotes, inspitational books that trys to help you map out your next 5 years- hence the title.

Quote #1: "The human man is the fastest-working, coolest-running, most compact and efficent computer ever produced in large quantities by unskilled labor" - Bob Moawad

Quote #2: "I get up every morning determined both to change the world and have one hell of a good time. Sometimes this makes planing the day difficult." E. B White


I am loving Haagen- Dazs Vanilla and Almond ice cream treats. Creamy vanilla ice cream coated in hardened chocolate and almond bits. Mmmm. I think I'm developing a thing for almonds lately.

101 in 1001

I've heard many people making a bucket list and I've seen several bloggers (especially this one) make a 101 things to do in 1001 days. I'm making a list, but I need some inspiration. I've got big things like visit Vegas, and small things like make a scrapbook. But I'm stuck on number 75. I need 25 more goals. I want to focus on more smaller or inbetween things because I know I'm getting married in 100 and so something days and after that our finaces will be tight. BUT I don't want to stop myself from dreaming big, so I do want bigger things on the list.

Have you made a list? Whats on it? What things do you want to do in the next 1001 days? If you've blogged about it, please leave a comment sharing your list. If you haven't- what are your top ten things?

Friday, 11 June 2010

4 ATM Favorites

The Sand House (sandwich shop) makes the best lemonade I've ever had. I had a glass today. It is more sour than sweet, which is just the way I like it.

Kelloggs Almond Flakes. Well, I know they're Kelloggs and I know they've got almonds in them but I can't read the korean to tell you for sure. These  things are amazing. Perfect amount of sweetness for a cereal and the almond bits leave the milk tasting almondy. Especially good with cut up bananas.

I haven't gotten to try any of the recipes on here yet but I can't wait to. How to Eat a Cupcake has some great recipes (cupcakes and other goodies) as well as a neat search tool that lets you search by baked good type or by flavor.

I have no clue where I went for dinner last night but what I had was so amazing I wish I would have taken a picture. We ordered the potatoe sampler and the sausage sampler. We were served three amazing types of potatoes (oven roasted, loaded potato skins and something reminiscent of Bojangles potatoes) and  a big platter of 4 or 5 scrumdiddlyumptious types of sausages. I ate and ate and ate. Mmmmm.

I just realized that my 4 new favorites all deal with food and can't be added to the carousal. Must mean its time for dinner. Tootles.

PS: E is for week is quickly approaching and I'm running low on ideas. Suggestions appreciated.

Five Question Friday

Yay its Friday! Which means its time for Five Question Friday with Little Life. Maybe this week I won't forget to link up.

1. What do you think makes a good friend, or friendship?

Someone  you can trust, confide in, and sit around doing nothing with.

2. What is the last thing you bought & later regretted?
A $45 spa package. Luckily, I was able to resell it for the same price
3. Have you ever had a prank played on you?
yes, several. but at the moment I can't recall a specefic one

4. What is your favorite theme park?

Dollywood. I love the indoor rollercoaster .I also haven't been in ages

5. Have you ever seen someone else give birth?
No, and I don't plan on it.
What are your answers?

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Changwon: Some Pictures

this is in the park I frequent

this is from the same park

I tried and tried to roatate this picture but no matter what I do it won't save rotated. This building is on the way to Mr. Groom's work

this is our apartment building

we push the red button at the top to turn the hot water on so we can shower or burn our feet on the floor, you know whichever happens to float our boat.

neighboors (across the street)

on the way to the library. I like to go there and write. You can see the mountains all around the city but its hard to get a clear shot

lack of space leads to putting things like driving ranges on top of really tall buildings

this picture was taken down by the grocery store. look closely at it. See the vertical yellow sign in the middle? Look to the left of it. See what looks like a barber shop pole? There are TONS of these poles all over the city. They don't designate barber shops. Oh no. They designate ummm....errr....shall we say "happy endings"

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Go Win Wednesday

I know Go Win Wednesday as been kind of lame lately, but I just haven't found much that is post worthy.


Ends June 15th. You can win cute address labels from Etsy it Up.

Want Free IHOP? Sign up for Pancake Revolution and get three free meals. Make sure you use the coupon they send you before it expires. Mine will expire before I'm home. Sadness....I love IHOP


Ends June 11th. Win Axe Twist kits for the man in your life from Bride on a Budget
Ends June 22nd. Win a weekly organizer from Mint Green with Envy.

Don't forget to check out this week's ABC challenge post!

Grocery Shopping Today

I bought:

ham, cheese and bread for sandwiches
green and red peppers for sandwiches and scrambled eggs (basically the only unexpensive fresh veggie- oh baby tomatoes seem decently priced too but I didn't want to carry them)
hot dog weenies- to sautee with the peppers....mmm
bananas- for snacks and to put in our almond flake kelloggs
bugle potato chips- i think, i hope....I have a hard enough time finding these babies at home

I priced pancakes and I think it'll cost close to $20  batch, which is insane in my opinion. I looked at spaghetti stuff but due to lack of fridge space decided to wait, it'll probably cost me $6 for a few meals worth of spaghetti which isn't bad at all. And I found spaghetti sauce but I think I will spruce it up with some fresh peppers.  Oh and I priced frozen corndogs today- 3  corndogs for over $4. Yikes. I miss America and our excess of corndogs. I don't even eat corn dogs very often.

Now I have to learn how to operate the stove top. Pictures would be more helpful words, but I'm a big girl and trial and error is my friend. As long as the errors aren't too big. Oh- and another thing to keep in mind is that if I have to much- the leftovers have to be reheated on the stovetop- slightly scary but doable.

Pancake Help

So, the other day at the grocery store a box of pancake mix caught my eye. Well, I'm assuming it was pancake mix because it had a picture of pancakes on the front. I really want to make pancakes. I don't read Korean and I can't for the life of me, remember what you add to pancake mix. Eggs? Water?

Could ya'll do me a huge favor and tell me what to add to the mix and how much? That way, when we go grocery shopping on Thursday I can price everything to see if making pancakes is going to cost me $20. If not, it might be worth a go.

Also, any scrambled egg spruce up ideas, or homemade spaghetti sauce with SUPER EASY TO FIND (no spices just veggies?) ingredients would be very nice as well. I've found spaghetti noodles, but haven't spotted the sauce yet.

I really want to cook, but due to my lack of skills, I'm not very good at  being creative with food. We only have a stovetop and a toaster. So far the groceries we've been buying are: eggs, bread, sliced ham, sliced cheese, mustard, cereal, yogurt, bananas and canned fruit. Oh and Ramen. Who could forget Ramen. (I do have a ramen meets mac and cheese cup that I'm hoping to try tomorrow)

Don't forget to check out this weeks ABC post: D is for Delicious

D is for Delicious

I feel like I've been complaining a lot about the food I've been eating, so I thought I'd take a moment and highlight a few of the delicious things I've tried here, as well as my standard favorites.

Since being here I've had a few things that I've really enjoyed.

The first was at a restaurant where the food grilled in front of us. We had pork pieces, that we took and wrapped in lettuce, and topped with bean paste and onions. Mmmm Oh, and it was served with a very yummy egg souffle.

The second was a soup. It had meat stuffed dumplings and veggies in it and it was very good.

The third was grilled/smoked duck. It was at a restuarant similar to the first and served with a (eww gross) cold bones intact fish and some version of kimchi. But the duck was very enjoyable.

My fourth favorite thing:

Of course its a sweet. Mr. Groom brought these home from work for me. They have dough on the outside, chocolate and a nut on the inside (I say pecan, he says walnut, he's probably right.). And they're best when chilled.

At home?

I love love love my veggies- especially the homegrown ones like corn on the cob, tomatoes, and okra. I also loved butterbeans cooked with bacon. With them I love crumbly cheese biscuits. I also love cheeses, shrimp and grits, mushroom green pepper bacon pineapple pizza. Yum

My favorite ice cream would have to be anything with chocolate-unless its Butter Pecan. And I don't like plain chocolate. I tend to lean towards moose tracks, reeses, and rocky road.

Drink? Water

Alcoholic Drink? This is tough. I love red wine, I don't love the headaches it gives me. I love rum and pineapple, hot chocolate with brandy, homemade lemonade and vodka, bahama mama's, pina coladas, daiquris and mudslides. Basically, when it comes to alcholic beverages I defintely drink too many calories.

Dessert? This is a killer. I love cookies. I love icecream. I'm not a big cake person- unless its homemade or I made it. Because I love to make cupcakes. So basically, the answer here should be anything with chocolate. (As you couldn't tell from my blog title I love chocolate)

Sunday, 6 June 2010

It was oh so very nice

We walked in and I looked up. Sparkly chandeliers hung from the ceiling, posh puffy black chairs lined the walls and tall golden mirrors stood infront of them. We sat down to wait and were offered drinks. I went first. A young woman clad in leggings, a black skirt and a sparkly jersey with the word "Seniors" emblazoned across her chest cut and styled my hair. I've been told that the most style savvy people wear shirts with English on them. I bet I must look super cool.

It was the nicest salon I've ever been in, yet we both got our haircut for $15 total. I usually pay $12 for mine alone. This- from a place where shoes are usually $138. I don't understand it.

Free Soap Samples

Get free samples of speciality soap from

Thursday, 3 June 2010

5 Question Friday with My Little Life

Happy Happy Friday! Its Friday afternoon where I am so I'm going to go ahead and post these from My Little Life. I'll link up when its your Friday.

1. If you could go back to college would you change your major? Or, if you were to go to college right now...what major would you choose?

Doubtful. But I might add on Marketing, instead of just minoring, but then I wouldn't be able to graduate early.

2. What do you love most about your home?

Ummm....I don't have my own home yet, but I'm loving my dorms big closets. Right now, the best thing about the apartment in South Korea is that my hunny is here too.

3. What types of books do you like to read (if you like to read at all)?
Romance, mystery, historical fiction, fantasy, any combination of the above.

4. What is the grossest thing you've ever eaten?
Hmmm...taste wise or concept wise? Concept wise probably would be chocolate covered crickets or sushi, taste wise it would have to be either mayo green beans

5. If you HAD to be a character on a TV show, whom would you be?
Gilligan from Gilligan's Island. Hands down.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

A Short Side Note...

I had McDonalds today.

I never thought I would compare french fries to a taste of heaven. But I did. In my head because I didn't want Mr. Groom to think I was crazy. Don't get me wrong, the food I've had hasn't been bad. But  the french fries didn't require chopsticks and didn't have a funky sauce on them. Ahhh...