Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Taking the Best of 2009 Challenge: Challenge of the Year

I have to say the hardest thing I've done this year is what I'm currently doing. I'm not sure if thats studying abroad or being away from my longterm boyfriend for a year. Perhaps its a combination of both?

Here's why:

School deal: Some parts of the studying abroad process have been very stressful. Getting settled into my residence and picking classes was very hectic. No one explained anything, we just showed up and roamed around like cattle, and then found out that was only preregistration. Even though we'd preregistered online already. Talk about confusion.  I'm still dealing with my ADULT flatmates not thinking to clean up afterthemselves and leaving it for the lady who comes to surface clean  once a week. Seriously, you should see what the kitchen looks like if I don't feel like cleaning up after everyone. And I still haven't resolved the financial aspect of studying abroad. My study abroad tuition is cheaper than my college tuition back home, its under the amount of schoalrships I would normally recived and yet, somehow, I still had to take out loans for the semester. On top of that, Glasgow Uni refuses to bill my college, so theres a few thousand dollars in limbo right now. If you don't want the money, thats fine, but don't come asking for it after its been spent (on books, new clothes, and cupcake decorating supplies).

Relationship Deal: Its been hard being apart at a time when we want to make big life descions. Its been hard being away from him after being so close. Its hard knowing that when I go home, he won't be there. It was VERY hard when he was considering staying another year or so without me.

So, to sum up I'd have to say that the biggest challenge of 2009 has been managing the stress from studying abroad and being away from my long term boyfriend while wanting to make decisions together.

Stay tuned for tomorrows Challenge topic from twenty something bloggers.

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