Thursday, 19 January 2012

Devilishly Cute!

I have quite a few crafty friends. They have much more talent than I do, which is why a few of them have opened Etsy shops. One of my particular favorites is Shelly's shop, Devilishly Cute Designs.

I've known Shelly for a few years and she has helped me and gifted me with quite a few wonderful handmade things. She helped me do many of the decorations for my wedding.

One year on my birthday, she gave me a lovely bright red scarf with a green R on it. The scarf is nice and thick and warm and I get complements on it whenever I go out. Its so beautiful!

Most recently, she gifted me with a lovely, long, turqouise scarf. She knitted this scarf in front of me, but kept telling me it was for another friend of hers. I was mooning over this scarf. It was so pretty and sparkly and it matched my sweater just fine. And what do you know, she gave it to me for Christmas. I was so happy. 
And it happens to look a lot like this one, for sale in her Etsy shop!

She's also got some great wreaths, hair clips, and hats for sale. Go check her out and stock up goodies for gifts! Her headband holders are flying off the virtual shelf!