Wednesday, 16 December 2009

ATM Favorites


My current food crush: Roasted Hazelnut Yougut. So creamy, so nutty, so have to have it right now. Love eating this for breakfast. I've only found this at Waitrose in Glasgow, but once I get home I'll be hunting around for it. Want it for dessert? Add bits and pieces of chocolate. Especially good with hazelnut and currant chocolate bits!


I'm not sure how new these are but my mom brought them over when she visited and I've fallen in love. Wait...did I just say I've fallen in love with laundry detergent? 'Fraid so. Purex makes 3-in-1 laundry sheets. You take a sheet put it in the washer, and you've got your laundry detergent and fabric softner. Move the sheet to the dryer with the clothes and you've got your dry sheet. Theres no mess. No need to lug 3 bottles to the laundry room, or remember to add in dryer sheets.


I'm still in a country music mood, but its turning more into a country Christmas mood. Lovely.

I've recently started reading another one of those "trashy romance paperback"s . What can I say? They're my guilty pleasure. Excpet I never feel guity about them.  Its "The Charade" by Laura Lee Guhrke. Its about a run away indentured servant forced to spy for the Tories, caught by a handsome Whig, and forced to spy for him. Haven't found out which side she'll choose in the end but I have a sneaking suspiscion it'll be the handsome Whig.


In Belfast, I saw the BEST AD EVER. Unfortunately, I can't remember what the product was so if you know what I'm describing PLEASE comment and let me know. I know it was for some bottled drink. Possibly orange juice.  The ad features (knockoff) Ken and Barbie dolls about to get it on after Ken showers. Well, Ken's  towel drops and Barbie notices Ken is missing his "important bits". The scence changed to Ken and Barbie in bed, Barbies back to Ken, Ken laying on his back. The announcer says something about how Mystery Company has all the "important bits" and the drink bottle appears where Ken's "important bits" should be. Love it, love it, love it. If only I could remember what the ad was for!!

Its from a Skirt!setter blog:

"I am not graceful, and I have the barest of coordination skills. I am Steve Urkel in a bra" - Cathey_Franke

This quote totally describes me and my attempts to exercise! It why I hate doing more than machines at the gym because I feel like everyones watching me struggle and goof up. Even if they're not.

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