Sunday, 1 August 2010

Were you Creative?

I'm trying to participate in the Words of Me Creativity Challenge. I'm suppoused to do something creative every day.


Monday I did a search for some inspirational quotes and shared those with  you here. I also did some brainstorming for our new business idea. I'll let you know more about that once we get further along.

Tuesday, I went on a hike and took some lovely pictures. I didn't post all of the pics, but some of them can be seen here.  I really liked the way carrying a camera with me helped me to focus on the details around me.

Wednesday, I worked on a personal essay titled Beach Bound.

Thursday, I created a personalized workout plan that incorporates stretches, yoga, fencing exercises, situps and leg exercises. I really like it and its easy to keep track of.

Friday, I started to slack off. The only thing remotely creative was brainstorming and searching for gifts that would be good to give Mr. Groom's groomsman.

Saturday, I wrote in my journal and did crossword puzzles to help stimulate my mind. Its been in a lazy fog lately. I can't wait for it to be reenergized and have plenty to do.

Today, I've been lazy again. So far all I've done is stare at bits of poetry. Its too hot to do much more!

In what ways were you creative this week?

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  1. Sounds like you are doing a fanTAStic job on your creative journey! I'm off to read some of your other posts about it! I've really been enjoying all of my creative adventures - just love that Leslie!!!


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