Wednesday, 11 August 2010

M is for Mr. Groom

Ya'll aren't going to believe this but when Mr. Groom and I first met he described to me the type of woman he was looking for, and in my head I thought Someone like me.

So here's our story:

I was working as a waitress (and hating every minute of it) when my uncle offered me an internship at the paper plant he was managing. I would be making way more money and doing way less stressful work, so how was I going to turn that deal down?

A few weeks before, Mr. Groom moved into a hotel in SC so that he could act as a consultant for the same company. The plant in SC was fairly new and he was helping sort out all of the processes.

We were both dating other people but everyone we worked with could tell we were naturally drawn to each other.

The other workers often joked about being invited to our wedding and spent hours trying to convince Mr. Groom to take me to dinner. Some even offered to pay. But, we never crossed the line.

We finally went out to dinner his last two nights (would have been three nights if I hadn't chickened out the first night) in the state. We went to Chilis one night and Indigo Joes the next night. Both night it was assumed we were dating and our waiter even commented that our age difference was similar to that of the relationship he was in. Our waiter was especially nice, considering he (and the one at Indigo's) had to come back to our table several times duringthe first hour of our dinner, because we had been so busy talking that we had not even glanced at the menu.

The day after our second dinner, Mr. Groom headed back to PA and a few weeks later I moved into my dorm for my freshman year of college. We stayed in touch through email, and then phone calls, each becoming more and more frequent as we both became single.

A week or two before Thanksgiving, a nervous Mr. Groom asked me if I wanted to take our long distance friendship to another level. I said yes, and we started dating. He traveled down during Thanksgiving weekend and we went on our first date, six months after we first met. He finished his teaching certificate and  took a job 30 minutes away from my college town, so that we could be together. A few years passed, and here we are, waiting on December 18th to become Mr. and Mrs.


  1. That is such a sweet story! In Judaism, it's known as "bashert" -- [bah-SHAYRT]: destiny ... :)

  2. Awwww... that is soo romantic! I love stories like that one...(except that it never happens to me)

  3. Thanks for stopping by.

    I always love to read about how people met their special someone! Good luck to you both!


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