Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Out of Print Clothing

In the huge pile of mail I sorted last week was a tshirt from Out of Print Clothing. Out of Print Clothing sells book tshirts- what a perfect fit, since I'm a writing major

Out of Print offers several great designs. I recieved the Walden shirt, which is fantastic because I love Thoreau and even wrote a poem called Walden. And today I felt totally intellectual and wordy because of my awesome shirt.

Here are some other great designs I love:

They carry shirts for men too. The women's tees are fitted and said to run a size bigger. I'm wearing a large and usually wear a medium. The shirt feels a little (maybe a half size) big, but still looks great (and I did lose a little weight in Korea).

The tees are 100% cotton and super soft. I still felt like I was wearing  my pajama top after I got dressed this morning.

I love the little tags that came on the t-shirt. One looks like an old card used to check out library books (back before it was electronic) and the other houses a sticker you can use to register and track a book through bookcrossing.com .

And it gets even better! With every t-shirt purchase Out of Print sends a book to Books for Africa. How great is that?

Disclaimer: I recieved a free t-shirt, in exchange for a review.

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