Friday, 30 July 2010

Saturday Smiles

Welcome to the first ever Saturday Smiles! I hope you've had a lot of things to make you smile this week. I have! So write up a list of things that have made you smile- whether it was out of joy, happiness, gratitude or humorous delight and link up!.

1. Mr. Groom is on vacation for 5 days, so we're getting to spend a lot of time together
2. We had a great dinner Friday night with another couple.
3. We ran into the fruit and veg lady this week and were able to buy fresh apples and peaches at a good price.
4. We got the package my mom sent this week and were able to enjoy peanut butter sandwiches.
5. I got to read two issues of Real Simple
6. I developed a new workout plan that I really enjoy!
7. I was able to get all of my textbooks for less than $200.
8. Journey to the Center of the Earth came on TV day and Mr. Groom went out and got us lunch so I could stay in and watch it.
9. We had yummy chicken wings last night!
10. The Slingbox is back up and running so now we can watch our favorite American TV shows.

What things made you smile  this week?

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  1. What a fun and upbeat post! I'm stopping in from LBS. How have you been doing? How's the wedding planning going? Hope you're having a great weekend!


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