Monday, 30 August 2010

O is for Organized!

This past week has been so busy!

But, thanks to my organization skills it was as painless as possible.

Before I left for South Korea I packed for college and made a list of thanks that would need doing right after I got home. A few weeks before coming home, I scheduled dentist, eye doctor, florist and catering appointments for last week.

My last week in Korea, I added to my to-do list (things like make smore brownies) and created a list of things that needed to be shortly after I moved back onto campus.

Because of my lists, and the fact that I packed most of my things before I left for the summer, I was able to take a second trip to the caterer, volunteer at Girl Scout's twlight camp and visit with both sets of my grandparents.

Check out all of mail I sorted this week:

I unpacked yesterday, and knocked out a good deal of my errands this morning (one of which was sending my engagement notice off to the paper), so now I have the afternoon to relax before classes start in the morning.

Thank goodness for lists!

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