Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Walk With Me?

Since I've been here I've been working on my goal to take more "just because" or "just for fun" walks. Occasionally, Mr. Groom and I will go on a stroll after dinner. Before the summer schedule started I would take walks around 6pm. Since it was cooler yesterday, I thought I'd walk the trail again. I took along my camera, so that I would be encouraged to be creative. I forgot that cooler weather means more mosquitos, so I didn't make it quite to the top of the hill because I'd endured far too many bug bites.

Here's the path I take:

Down two streets and past the high school

Towards the library, until I run into what looks like a driveway

Down the path I go

Need a breather?

See the graffitti?

Around the corner...

and past the mushrooms.

Up some man-made stairs

Up some natural stairs

Have a sense of humor, Mother Nature?

If you keep going, you run into a flat spot
with exercise equipment. I work out there somedays
but this time the bugs were too bad.

Thanks for walking with me!


  1. What a lovely, peaceful path ... :)

  2. Whew, I'm tired from all that walking! Can we go grab some coffee and cheesecake now? ;)

    Beautiful scenery though... wish I had a view like that when I was working.

  3. Oh! I'd love some cheesecake.


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