Saturday, 21 August 2010

Saturday Smiles

Happy Saturday Everyone!

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I hope you had a fabulous week full of funny, charming, delightful, joyous, grateful unusual, hilarious moments that made you pause for a minute and smile. I'd love it if you'd take a moment to share that list with me.

Here are the things that made me smile:

1. My little sister sent me pictures of her new dormroom. I can't believe she's all grown up!

2. We'd took our coins to the bank and had almost $40!

3. I had the best sandwich in Korea.

4. My little sister told me she would come home the weekend after I'm back in the states so we can hang out. I'm planning on making her banana chocolate chip cookies for a late birthday gift.

5. Mr. Groom's gotten me addicted to crossword puzzles and I finally completed an entire puzzle on my own!

1 comment:

  1. That caption is TOO funny! And aren't crossword puzzles wonderful??? I love them ... I haven't had time to do my NYT Sunday puzzle in months, so I gave up my subscription to the paper for awhile -- as much as I love the NYT, I can read it online; but I must have the actual magazine section in order to do the puzzle with a pencil, so if I wasn't doing them there was no point in paying for the paper to gather dust each week. There is SUCH a sense of satisfaction in completing a puzzle ... :)


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