Sunday, 22 August 2010

Saying Goodbye

Well, in two days I'm going to be leaving Korea and heading back home to the smiling faces and beautiful faces of good old South Carolina.

I'm excited to be heading home. The week I get back will be filled with wedding planning appointments, packing and hopefully some reading, crafting and of course BAKING! I've missed having an oven so much.

I am a little sad to be leaving. I'll miss the friends I've made here and the Rotti Buns! Hopefully, Aeri will be coming to visit us, so I won't have to miss her for too long. We've spent the weekend going out to dinner and lunch with various groups of friends. And I've got some major cleaning  to do tomorrow.

So until Wednesday I am leaving you in  two very capable sets of hands. On Monday, as I'm preparing for my flight, we'll have a guest post from Mandy at Mandy's Life After 30. Mandy is a Cajun girl, wife, mother and list maker extraordinaire!

And on Tuesday, as I'm actually in an airplane and physically unable to blog, there will be a guest post from Sabrina at coffeerocket fairytale, who has done a fair share of traveling and is currently planning on moving to a new country.

See ya on the flipside!


  1. Have a safe trip home! Good luck with all you have going on and thank you for letting me guest write! :-)

    I'm excited for you to start baking too - I could use some new recipes!

    Best wishes to you! I hope South Carolina has a big welcome for you upon your return -- some sweet tea, homemade pie and some "Dixie" playing in the background perhaps? Cheers to you!

  2. Hey Rachel,
    thanks for mentioning me! Hope you're having a really terrific trip and come back with some nice photos!

  3. Have a safe trip! What an adventure you've had ... :)

  4. On to the next chapter of your life (this will be a BIG ONE for you!) Have a safe return ... look forward to your next posts from the states!


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