Saturday, 15 May 2010

Wedding Reception Plans in the Making

I am strongly considering doing a dessert reception, with desserts from various countries. The desserts I'm thinking about are:

1Belgian Gingerbread
2Swedish Butter Cookies
3.Australian Bachelor Buttons or
4. Austalian Baby Banana Souffle
5Chinese Fortune Cookies
6. ChineseAlmond Cakes
7. Japanese Sweet Potatoe Candy
8. Dutch Fritters
9. Scottish Tiffins
10. Scottish Millionaire Shortbread
11. English Apple Butterscotch Pie
12. Baklava

With Mexican Coffee and Hot Chocolate (with marshamllows and chocolate sugar and cinnamon and possibly frozen chocolate spoons yay!)

Two Problems:

1. Narrowing down the dessert list to about 7 different desserts. Any opinions on must keeps or must gos? I LOVE both tiffins and millonaire shortbread, but i think more people would live the shortbread. Its going to be so hard to decide. I'll let you know my decision after I talk with the caterer this week. But before then, I'd love some input. Feel free to suggest other desserts for the list too! I'm in the brainstorming part right now.
2. What time to have the wedding. 7pm seems like the perfect start time for the ceremony, putting the guests at the reception a little after 7:30. However, I've been told from a few people that after the ceremony I won't make it to the reception for an hour and a half (taking pictures), putting me there at 9. Please tell me that was an outrageous estimate.

The reception  ends at 1130.  I'd like to be there for a little longer than that. Also, I dont want to take pictures for more than 45 minutes. I want to take as many pictures (me and my ladies, the flower girls and ring bearers, fiance and his men, shots of the parents, shots of groomsman and bridesmaids) before the wedding as possible. Do you think its possible to take all the other pics in 45 minutes or less?

Personally, I'd rather do them all before but I know my mom will have a fit about the bride and groom seeing each other before the ceremony. I don't care because there is a huge chance that we'll be walking down the aisle together holding hands (to Amazing Grace played on the bagpipes).

If the pictures do take that long, is 6:30 to early to start the ceremony if I'm having a dessert reception?


  1. If I were you I'd do pics before the ceremony because then you have it out of the way. And then you are free to enjoy your reception that you worked so hard to plan.

    Good luck narrowing down dessert choices. Dessert is my favorite food group so they all sound good to me.

  2. Mine too! I really would like to do the pics before the ceremony. I don't think my fiance would have a problem with it either. So far its the most convienent, efficient option. At this point in my life, my mother has pissed me off so much, I don't care if taking the photos first pisses her off.

  3. Our photographer took pictures of me by myself, and my husband by himself, and my husband with his groomsmen before the ceremony. After the ceremony came the pics with both of us and with the bridal party, and parents and so on. It took about an gour. Our ceremony started at 3:30, our reception started at about 5 and ended at 11pm.


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