Wednesday, 12 May 2010

In A Planning Mood

As you may or may not know, I'm spending the summer in South Korea with Mr. Groom. I leave at the end of May and come back at the end of August. I'm getting married December 18th. That means I have a lot to do in the next few weeks. I need to book a photographer for the wedding and for boudoir photos, book a caterer, a DJ and a florist. I also have to order invitations- thankfully I've already picked those out. I also have to address, stamp and mail save the dates. I've looked at photographers already I just need to make and decision (and hopefully haggle down prices). My dad has made DJ and caterer suggestions and my mom has checked out florists- I just have to decide which ones best. I'm not going to have time to catch my breath over the next few weeks. (Thats just the wedding stuff, I also have to shop and pack for the summer- have to take all the tolietries I'll need with me, restock Mr. Groom's supply, buy his birthday present. My sister's graduating n from high school and a beloved mentor is retireing. This is also finals week)

So what did I so today?

Made a calendar! I filled out a lot of dates in  the calendar section of my wedding planning book. But I love love LOVE  to organize and plan, so that wasn't enough. If I could find the cord that connects my camera to my computer I'd show you what I did.

I pulled out an index card for each month and wrote the name of the month on the blank side. I combined June and July since I'll be out of the country and can only do things like look for shoes, buy postcards and keep and eye out for cool decorations and gifts, and hound the hunny to make decisions about his groomsman.

On the lined sides I wrote out everything that had to get done that month. For example, under May I wrote:
- Book a Caterer
-Book a DJ
-Book a florist
-Book the photographer
-Buy the garter I want from Etsy (I'm scared it will get gone!)
-Order Invitations
-Keep an eye on ebay for inexpensive globes (if anyone has one they don't want anymore please let me know!)
-Talk two the 2 bridesmaids I know haven't looked for bridesmaid dresses about what the other girls have picked out
-Start making my ring bearer pillows (I'm making them from the wrap that came with my prom dress!)
-Offically ask my cousins (and their parents) if the can/want to be ring bearers, flower girls and ushers
-Mail the Save the Dates
-start asking around for postcards (since we're doing a travel theme we're having guests write messages on postcards instead of simply signing a book. if you feel the need to send me some postcards just holler!)

Whew! Can you believe all of that fit on the back of one index card?

After I wrote them all out I ordered them and left a blank index card inbetween each month, in case my todo list expands and then clipped them together. Now, they fit perfectly in the pockets of my planner, in my pocketbook or in my pants pockets.


  1. That sounds like SOOO much work. Almost makes me grateful I eloped.

  2. We thought really hard about it! We strongly considered getting married in the Grand Canyon.


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