Sunday, 23 May 2010

An Example of How Irrational My Mother Can Be (1 of 1 million+)

Here's the background:

1. For years my mom has told me that if I keep my grades up in college she will let me drive our outlander, at no cost. She  has also promised a new  to me car at my college graduation.

2. My mother is upset that I'm finishing college in 3.5 years. If I had not studied abroad I would have finished this semester, in 3 years. "I don't know why you can't ever be normal!" She acts like it took me 6 years to get a four year degree. Wouldn't you be proud that your daughter could finish early?

Here is the main example:

My fiance and I are trying to plan out our finances. He brought up the point of "my car". I decided to ask my mom,  that since she was paying for most of my wedding if she wanted me just to keep the red outlander. Here was my thinking- even recently shes talked about getting me a new car, the outlander is already paid for, if i keep it my family still has one car for everyperson that drives and I have the outlander all of the  time anyway. Essentially, she would not lose anything on this deal.

Her response:

Well, I know I'm not getting you a new car because you didnt go the full four years. (Like I dropped out or something). And I don't know if we'll let you keep the outlander because I need a dress to wear to your wedding.

Umm...okay? How does letting me keep the car I've been driving for 4 years affect your ablity to get a new dress for my wedding? Surely, you're not going to sell the car and buy a dress? The car is paid for, so you're not making payments...

Her response: Well. We just have a lot to pay for, so I don't know if we can buy you a car.

Oh boy. Mom I don't think you were listening. I dont want a new car. I'm asking if I can just keep my car.

Her response: Well, what will I drive?

What do you drive now?

Her: The silver car.

Is something wrong with it?

Her: No.

Well, if you want I guess I could drive that one if you want the outlander.

Her: No. The silver car is mine. I'm going to drive it.

So, basically, the outlander will just sit in the driveway?

Her: Well.....I guess.

Have mercy.

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