Saturday, 22 May 2010

Mono Induced Blogger's Block, AKA: I'm going to ramble today

Go figure. I'm expected to sit around and do nothing, so I think I'll have time to catch up on blogging and writing. Wrong. All I can do is eat popsicles and think about how much wedding stuff I'm not getting done.

Well, I'm starting to feel better and sleep less. Which is great because my sleep has been horribe. Interrupted and psychotic. I did dream about blogging. I got so mad with my blog in my dream that I shoved my computer out the window. And then I woke up.

I decided that taking vitamins might help my body heal faster so I've been taking my younger sisters Flintstone Gummies vitamins. Those things are just like candy. I have to make myself stop at the recommended dose of two for anyone over the age of four. I wonder if I'm over five times the age of four if I can have one more?

I maybe sorta kinda possibly found a photographer. He takes great photographs. His package (hehe): 2 photographers from the beginning of the wedding-end of the recption for $400. Amazing deal. He has another wedding at 3pm that day. He's told me he can be at my venue before 7 (ceremony start time) but he's not sure how much before 7. Should I grab the deal and find someone to take my getting ready and posed pictures? Should I turn him down? I've got one more appointment on Monday so I guess I'll be able to make a decision after that.

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