Tuesday, 11 May 2010

They Threw Me in the Fountain!

At the college I attend its tradition for the friends of a girl who gets engaged to throw her in fountain. Well, I've been engaged since December so I was waiting on it. Thankfully they waited until it was spring and the fountain wasn't frozen.
My friends planned a scavengar hunt that led me around campus. The last clue led me to the fountain. They had tied red and white balloons to the fountain and laid out a picnic complete with Zaxbys chicken and mini-cupcakes.

When I got to the fountain they picked me up and tossed me in! Actually, the fountains pretty shallow so they set me in the fountain, and then climbed in to take a picture with me. Here are the pictures:

Clue #1 was waiting on the backporch with my friends boyfriend:

He took pictures of me at evey place there was a clue:

They climbed in the fountain with me:

It's not as easy to get me out of my pants as my friends thought:


  1. That was nice of them to wait till it was warm to throw you into a body of water. Can you imagine if they'd done it in December?

  2. It would have hurt! The fountain was frozen!


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