Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Introducing Go Win Wednesday

I've decided I'm going to do a weekly post about all of the giveaways I like. If its something ridiculous I won't even bother posting. I know have a least one follower who lives in Europe, so if the giveaway states that is open to all countries I will post it under the "All" listing. If it doesn't say it goes under "General", and if specefies USA only I will post under "Limited".


Ends May 31st. From Mint Green with Envy you can win a pretty pastel necklace

Ends June 4th. From Audrey's Giveaways you can win a Gold Filled Heart Hand Stamped Pendant Chain Necklace from Sea Babe Boutique:


Ends May 22nd. From Iva Messy you can win a bird in flight necklace:

Ends May 25th. From Etsy it Up you can win cute clothing dividers:                                                           

Ends  June 2nd. From Mint Green with Envy you can win 20 handmade greeting cards. This is my favorite giveaway! I'm a greeting card addict!


  1. This is a cute idea! I never win but that doesn't stop me from entering!

  2. I know. Always enter. So far from blog giveaways I've won- 70 wedding save the dates, 30 thank you cards, a wedding monogram, a banner I'll use at my wedding,and a $25 american express gift card


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