Friday, 14 May 2010

Great Wedding Idea

My BFF/Maid of Honor just had the best centerpiece idea yet:

We're going to give each table a city/country/region theme, and decorate accordingly

So far our ideas are:
1. carribean- decorate with shells
2. europe- taxis, eiffel tower figurines
3. asia- fans, flowers

I need at least one more table idea. Good Ole USA? Suggestions? Would also love suggestions for how to deocrate the other tables, or if you think  more specefic ideas, like paris, vegas,changwon (korea), and a carribean city would go over better?

Oh and I want the food table to be decorated with minisuitcases and transportation figurines.

Please share any ideas you have!


  1. Africa! Monkeys, elephants and giraffes. Sounds like an awesome idea for centerpieces.

  2. Ooo. I like Africa!

    After I posted I was thinking:

    1. Paris
    2. Asia
    3. Carribean
    4. Vegas

    2 bigger regions and 2 specefic cities.

    Now I need to decide if I'd want to swap vegas for africa and make paris europe or possibly ditch the carribean for africs? I guess it depends on what decorations I can find.


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