Wednesday, 19 May 2010





Ugh. I hada sore throat all weekend. I went to the doctor yesterday thinking I had strep throat, he'd shoot me up with antibotics and I'd be all better in a few days. Wrong. The nurse drianed my finger of blood and then told me I had mono.

I've done nothing but sleep and eat popsicles lately. I've been making myself eat today- yougurt this morning, and chicken soup this afternoon. I'm preparing my throat for a glass of OJ with extra vitamin C& D tonight. I'll be damned if I'll be too sick to fly to see my fiance in S. Korea next Friday. I'm putting most of my wedding planning stuff on the back burner until I'm better. 

Please put me in your prayers.


  1. Oh my goodness! Get well soon! Pump your body with the Vitamins it helps! As much as it sucks! I had mono and it lasted for about a month until it was actually gone, but I pumped my body with vitamins so I could at least function. Get LOTS AND LOTS of rest girly! Feel better! I will definitely be praying for a speedy recovery! :)

  2. Thanks! My throats actually hurting less now. I just hope the doctor gives me the okay to fly next friday!


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