Tuesday, 25 May 2010

B is for Boudoir Photos

I want to have these taken and give them to Mr. Groom in a nice album as my wedding gift to him. I love the idea of doing a shoot and have found several images I would like to copy. I've found some great photographers- but most of them are either out of my budget or expects to shoot in my house.

Ummm. I don't have a house. I live in a dorm. Mess, bad lighting and a roommate. I don't want them shot there. I'm having trouble finding an affordable photographer with a studio I can take them in. But- I have contacted a few photographers I haven't heard back from yet- so there is hope. Especially since I don't need to take them until this fall.

Has anyone done this? How was it? Did you like it? Did he? How much did you pay? Did you shoot at home?

I hope to be posting another B is for post this week. I'd like to do two more but that may be overly ambitious since I am flying to South Korea Friday.


  1. I think this is a great idea.I have never done it but I wish you luck. I know it will turn out great. thanks for stopping by and entering the givewaway yesterday!

  2. also, one of my gfs had them done and said it was a lot of fun! her's are soooo pretty and classy! just make sure to do research because some that I've seen look really skanky if the photographer doesn't know what they're doing...

  3. I plan to do this if I meet my weight-loss goal...

  4. Not sure if this will help, but I put together a bunch of tips on boudoir photography: ideas for the shoot, posing, different sorts of lighting and even taking the shots yourself.

    modelling for boudoir photographs

    You will find that you need way less space than you might think to get great shots, but if you are not happy, the obvious solution would be to rent a hotel room. Quite a few photographers do this - often combining several shoots in a day to spread the cost of the room out. As your deadline isnt too urgent this might be your best option.

  5. I've never done this but I've always wanted to. You should definitely go for it!


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