Friday, 21 May 2010

5 Question Friday with Little Life

Fridays here! Not that I've noticed much because I've been home sick all week. But here is 5 question Friday with My Little Life

1. Do you have an iPhone and, if so, how do you get apps and what are your favorites?


2. What is your fondest memory of K-3rd grade?

Second grade was amazing. I had a wonderful teacher. Whenever my friends and I would get done with out work she would let us pick out and rehearse a play which we would later perform for the entire school!

3. What makes you cringe at the thought of touching?

4. If you could have any celebrity show up on your doorstep who would it be and why?

Oprah- and she would offer to pay for my wedding
Jim Parsons and Jonny Galecki (sp?)- because I absolutely adore them!

5. What would you say is your best physical feature?

Ummm. I always get complimented on my smile, so lets go with that.


  1. Hooray for Oprah for offering to pay for your wedding! ;)

    Out of all the things Oprah could buy you and you would settle for just your wedding? That's funny.

  2. I guess because my wedding is the current stress. She'd pay for my honeymoon too of course, and then suprise me with a house to live in and a car to drive when I come back. And she'll have paid off all of my student loans and given me a "postwedding" makeover shopping spree. Isn't Oprah nice?

  3. cockroaches are yucko things


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