Thursday, 13 May 2010

Wedding Ideas Wanted!

Put on your brainstorming caps!

I need some help.

Travel is important to both me and Mr. Groom, so I want to incorporate it into our wedding. We both love to travel, we have been on and off long distance during out relationship, and a lot of our family and friends will be traveling to our wedding. I also like the idea of marriage as a journey.

That being said, I need your help in two ways:

1.General:  I need ways to infuse this theme throughout our wedding.

 I've thought about getting some globes to serve as centerpieces, with the addition of some flowers and (sailboat shaped!) candles. But, notthings final yet so, let me know if you have any other centerpiece ideas. Our guest book is a going to be a post card collection, where our guests can leave us sweet messages. Instead of a card box, I bought this cute white tray ($5!) that has the names of famous cities written across it.Again, I would show you a picture my the camera cord is still on vacation. And I really want to take a picture of the two of us kissing and holding suitcases (preferably old ones), to send as wedding announcements! I'd love any ideas you have for decoration as well as for food.

2: Specefic: I really want to tie this theme into our programs. I also would like to DIY my programs. And I would like something different than just the usual.

 I think the programs on wavy sticks and tied with a bow are really cute. But-they are very reminscent of fans, and our wedding is in December. Any suggestions for how I can tie the theme into the programs? I'm thinking along the lines of a road map- but that seems to cheesy. I'm playing with the idea of making them look like ribbon tied passports?

Suggest away! I'm going to go grab a drink (not really- I've sworn of booze and sweets for a while. Since when? Since last night when I didn't like my reflection in the Victoria Secret mirror-So, a screwdriver it is! Hold the vodka please!)


  1. Have you sent out your invites yet? I like the idea of incorporating a bit of a "wedding logo" of sorts. I'm thinking of a tiny airplane stamp with a banner flying behind it with your names on it or a cute travel slogan or something along those lines. I think incorporating something like that into all your paper items would be a great and simple way to tie it all together.

    Or what about personalizing some Customs stamps like the ones you get in your passport? One can be your names or monogram (if you're doing one), another can be where you're having your wedding, another can be where where you're from or where you're currently living, another can be where you're honeymooning. You can make your paper products look like passports (as you said in your post) and have your text in the middle in a Visa type format with stamps around it.

    Luggage tags to serve as both favours and escort cards are super cute.

    Hmm, if I think of anything else I'll let you know.

  2. Sounds great! We weren't going to do a wedding monogram, but I happened to win one in an giveaway! I haven't even ordered/made invites yet, but part of my really wants more traditional looking invites, just because they're so pretty. Guess I need to decide soon.

    I also won save the dates- and the ones I picked out have airplanes on them! I really love the idea of adding the airplane stamp with a trailing banner!

  3. Passports or luggage tags both sound like great ideas.

    Love your new layout BTW.

  4. PS: I forgot to let ya'll know we're on a $5,000 budget (excluding my dress/veil) and we're not assigning seating. My fiance hated it everytime we went to another wedding, so we're nixing it for ours.


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