Sunday, 9 May 2010

And A Registering We Will Go

Yesterday was exhausting. I never thought registering for gifts could be so intense, or that there were so many options for can openers.

My bestfriend and I went to Bed Bath and Beyond  (BBB) yesterday, since Mr. Groom is out of the country until this fall. We both love to shop and love the store so we were both pretty excited.

We registered for kitchen, basic cleaning and dining materials, but skipped over what BBB employees refer to as the "Soft side"- meaning bed and bath stuff. I wanted to wait on this because they're is a stong chance that Mr. Groom and I will be heading to South Korea for up to two years after our wedding .We'll always need kitchen stuff and plates, but our bath and defintely bathroom needs have the potential to vary greatly after we're home. Who knows how big those rooms will be or what size bed we'll have our what color decorative pillows we'll need?

I was so thankful to have BBB employee walk around with us, explaining what brides usually register for, the typical amounts and pointing out things in my favorite colors. It was so nice to have him there explaining everything and to have my friend there to help pick things that went together and fit in with my tastes. Thanks girl!  You were a huge help!

Oh- and BBB employees kept offering us drinks and snacks throuhout the entire process. How sweet!

I highly recommend registering at BBB. They're very helpful. BUT I think I'd like to walk around the store once again, on my own, to register for things that the BBB employee didn't take me to- like picnic baskets and ice cream makers.

The funniest part of our experience?

We explained to the BBB team memeber about my best FEMALE friend being the one to go with me, because Mr. Groom is out of thecountry until right before the wedding, but the entire registry team came over at the end and as we left, we heard:

"Congragulations you two!"


  1. That's so funny that someone thought you two were a couple! At least they were open-minded about it.

    Good luck with the registry. Some people prefer to just buy what they want either way. But some obedient people buy what they're told. Thank goodness for them.


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