Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Photographer Search Woes

I'm trying to book a photographer over the next two weeks before I leave for South Korea but for some the prices are ridiculous, and for others I just can't get the coverage I'd like.

Here is my dream photography package: I would love getting ready pictures, posed pictures of all of the bridal party, ceremony pictures, pictures of guests dancing at the recption, picures of our entrance and first dance, pictures of the faughter daughter and mother son dance, pictures of  the cake cutting, bouquet toss and garter toss and of our sparkler lined exit. I'd love to have a bridal portriat taken too. Preferably all for less than $1000.

The real deal?

The first photographer I talked to was someone I'd worked with before. She's taken my senior pictures and has taken family portraits.She's willing to be there from when I get ready until the end of the  But she wants close to $2000. And on a $5000 budget thats not happening.

The second has a basic package starting at $900. The price sounds great. Its a minimium of 125 pictures and 3 hours worth of coverage. Sounds good -if he could be there for two hours, leave for an hour and then come back. I don't want  pictures of the middle of the recpetions as much as I do the special dances at the beginning and the garter  and bouquet toss at the end, as well as our exit through the sparklers.

I've got another appointment on Monday with a photographer friend of my dads. Guess I'll see how that goes and then make my decision. I may have to prioritize my "shot list" and work from there According to the phone book, there is another photographer in ther area but he isn't answering the phone.

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