Saturday, 15 May 2010


I'm curious...

Do you like to know about the giveaways and deals I stumble across? Or could you care less?
Do you want to seem them as a find out about them? Or should I compile them on a weekly(maybe biweekly depending on their deadlines) basis?

If you've got an opionion please vote by checking all of the answers that apply in my poll on the sidebar!

Thanks for voting!


  1. Maybe once or twice a week at the most. I rarely enter giveaways cause I never win. Maybe I should enter more to increase my chances.

  2. I know! I won three in a row so I got really into it, but since then I haven't won anything!I won a mongram design, 70 save the dates and 30 thak you cards from Vistaprint, and a vinyl banner from uprinting (who i haven't heard back from).

    I'll like the idea of a midweek giveaway post.

  3. A midweek giveaway post would be lovely. I rarely enter unless it's something that I can partake in though. Living in Europe has it's disadvantages...


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