Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Wedding Planning = First Thing Off The List

I'm still working with the caterer to get a price for my dessert reception. But I have gotten some things done since I've been in South Korea. Today I ordered my wedding invitations from American Wedding! I didn't order the satin ribbon with it because I thought it was way overpriced so I'm going to try to find some ribbon half off at Hobby Lobby, and if not I can easily order some from American Wedding when I begin addressing envelopes and have it delivered by the time I'm ready to tie them up and seal them.

 I also broke down and purchased my wedding earrings. They cost more than I think earrings should ever cost but they are very lovely and match my dress perfectly. And because they cost a bunch I'll always have an excuse to wear them (I like to think of things in terms of per use costs).  I got them here, at etsy, of course. And guess what? *GASP* Buying/Making my wedding earrings is #74 on my  101/1001 list. So yay! I'm making progress!!! Woot!


  1. Excellent news!!! Isn't it wonderful to be able to check things off a list ... especially when the list is as important as yours is???

  2. It is! I so love making lists.

  3. LOVE those invitations and love the earrings too!! Off to a great start :)

  4. I wonder how much those earrings cost, because I'm inclined to say they are WORTH IT! Gorgeous! One thing I spent more money on than I needed to (but just had to:o) was my tiara when I got married. It was way over budget, but since I decided to opt out of wearing a traditional veil, I justified it...and to this day I'm so glad I did:o)!!


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