Thursday, 17 June 2010

Book: What I Did for Love by Susan Elizabeth Philips

The title of this book would be more accurate if it were "What I Did For Fame".

Through a series of bad judgements Georgie York ends up married to her childhood costar. Both are at a place in their lives where they just can't handle any more bad publicity and agree to stay married for the good publicity. Georgie wants to recover publically from a failed marriage, and her new husband from a bad boy reputation. As they struggle to adjust their lives to one another, and their personal assitants they find that they might just be falling in love.

I read this book on the airplane. Its definitely an easy, noncomittal read. If you're looking for something a little serious, or something that makes  you want to read on, find another book. If you want something to help you sleep on airplane, check this one out. That being said, not bad for a beach or airplane read.