Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Korean Bucket List

I've crossed on item off of my 101/1001 list but I probably won't be able to do much more of the until I return home at the endof August. That being said, I've put together a list of things I'd like to do while I'm in Korea.

1. Finish my wedding planning guest post.
2. Learn how to ask how much something costs.
3. Learn my numbers 1-10, 100, 500, 1000
4. Go to the market.
5. Visit somewhere other than the city I live in.
6. Eat machiato ice cream-- I think thats what it was called- you eat it with your hands?
7. Eat at the gelato and waffles place.
8. Go to the game bong (like the nor-ray-bong/ private karoke room but with with a Wii instead of karoke)
9. Buy postcards for my wedding guest book.
10. Buy souvenirs.
11. Send my bestie a postcard.
12. Take more pictures of me and mr.groom on my camera
13. Collect my new friends email addresses/facebooks.
14. Take a picture for our engagement notice.
15. See the buddhist temple that mr.groom showed me pictures of.
16. Try the German coffee shop. (Weird, I know but I've already been to the Irish pub)

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