Monday, 21 June 2010

F is for Five Things I Like About South Korea

1. No Fear

There is little to be afraid of here. Children play in the streets at midnight on a Friday night. Children buy ice cream from random men on the sidewalk. Delivery restaurants bring food in real dishes and people leave them outside their doors for the restaurant to collect. No one thinks of stealing them.

2. Packaged Foods
 Things that come in bags like big bags of chips or cereal come with stickers on them. You use the sticker to seal the bag. Brillant.

3. Words of Wisdom
My friend A informed me of two korean sayings the other day. One is "You have thin ears". It means that you listen too much to what other people think. The other is, "You are going to fly away". It implies that you listen so much to what other people think that your ears are flapping back and forth and you will take off. We could all listen a little less to what others think of us and the things we do.

4. Numbered Buildings
If my computer cord was working I could show you a picture of this. Instead of having an address like 101 Blog Lane, buildings are assigned numbers. I think we live in 13. This eliminates confusion. For example, in the states, my sister could live on 101 Main St, and I could live on 101 Mane St. This way, each building has a unique number and your pizza gets delivered to the right address.

5. Postage
I mailed two postcards internationally. It costs me ten cent total. Total. When I was in Scotland mailing one letter  to the states cost me close to 2.5 dollars.


  1. I love number 2! As an avid organizer, this just makes sense!

    I love how simpler life seems to be there and how fast and paranoid we are here in the States - especially being from New York.

  2. Wow, seems like a pretty idealistic community! How neat! I'm going to start saying, "You have thin ears" when someone gets upset about what others have said! LOVE THAT! (great motto to live by, too!)
    THanks for stopping by...I'm your newest follower!!

  3. Hey Rachel,
    I'm a new follower.
    This is real cute- something quick and fun that we'd love to feature on our women's travel blog- it's called Her Journey Blog. Check it out here: Let me know if you're interested in guest blogging- or even reposting with an opportunity for cross-promotion. We'd love to hear more of your stories!



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