Tuesday, 15 June 2010

E is for Elastic Waist Pants and Other Trends That I Followed

For the longest time I refused to wear jeans. The only pants my mother could get me into were elastic waisted black Hang Ten brand pants. They had little handprints on them at the top. They looked something like this:

I also went through a leopard print phase. I had a leopaard print skirt, leopard print sandals, purse and lunchbox. I had 2 different black shirts with leopard print  trim and a black beanie with leopard trip. The last 6 pack of Walmart undearwear I bought was leopard print. The rug in my room had a leopard on it. My bedspread is red with leopards on it. Maybe I should have said never got out of a leopard phase. Maybe I was raised in the jungle by a pack of English speaking leopards.

In high school I went through a second no jeans phase. Except this time I wore short skirts and dresses instead of cloth pants. I wore skirts and heels every flippin' day to school. Every day I got asked to perform the fingertip test. Everyday I performed the test and smirked because I knew I was getting away by mere centimeters.

I also went through a no tennis shoes phase. I hated them- the way the looked, the way the fit, the way my laces wouldn't stay tied unless I triple knotted them and then they just looked dumb. I always thought they made my size 6.5 feet look two big. A semester in Scotland has gotten me used to wearing them again but they're still not my favorite. My current mission is to find an everyday pair of shoes that aren't tennis shoes and aren't flip flops.

What were your funny fashion trends? Did you wear parachute pants? Go through a tiedye phase? How about denim outfits. C'mon fess up!

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(Apologies are needed to the person who left a comment this morning. I've been struggling with IntenseDebate and comluv recently and I think your comment got deleted. I want to say it was Meg's Blog)