Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Changwon: Some Pictures

this is in the park I frequent

this is from the same park

I tried and tried to roatate this picture but no matter what I do it won't save rotated. This building is on the way to Mr. Groom's work

this is our apartment building

we push the red button at the top to turn the hot water on so we can shower or burn our feet on the floor, you know whichever happens to float our boat.

neighboors (across the street)

on the way to the library. I like to go there and write. You can see the mountains all around the city but its hard to get a clear shot

lack of space leads to putting things like driving ranges on top of really tall buildings

this picture was taken down by the grocery store. look closely at it. See the vertical yellow sign in the middle? Look to the left of it. See what looks like a barber shop pole? There are TONS of these poles all over the city. They don't designate barber shops. Oh no. They designate ummm....errr....shall we say "happy endings"


  1. visiting you from Meg's blog. Great pics!

  2. From Meg's blog...the park is great!

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog on my featured day, I don't know anyone that could dislike Olive Garden! Love the pictures, have a great Friday!


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