Wednesday, 23 June 2010

I'm on time!

I'm on time with this weeks Thursday Five. Well it here it goes and feel free to join in on the fun.

Thursday Five

I'm suppoused to post 5 things this week that made me:

Totally Stoked

1. Girl Talk and a Rotti Bun. Yesterday my two new American girlfriends, M and J went to Rotti Rotti Bun, a cafe type place. We all had very yummy Rotti Buns. Rotti Buns are big brown buns that are baked with a big scoop of butter on the inside. They're absolutely amazing. And ours were the first of the day and just out of the oven. Incredible. It was also super amazing to be able to have some girl chit chat, with out having to do extra work to help get my point across. Here are some pictures I found of Rotti buns, because I'm a slacker and forgot to take my own. Next time my friends, next time.                                                      


2.  I won two giveaways this week- business cards from Uprinting and a personalized snack mix from my                                 
3.  I was able to cross the first thing off of my 101/1001 list this week-buying my wedding earrings! And I inspired "my bestie" to make her own list. She's up to 40 items now.

4.   I'm up to 26 followers! Thank you! 

5.   This one is super simple but it delighted me just the same. This week I discovered that I  can get a vanilla (soft serve) ice cream cone for less than 40 cents. If I want chocolate instead its about 70 cents. I prefer scoop ice cream to soft serve but for 40 cents I'm not complaining!

What made your week this week?


  1. You have had an excellent week!!! And if you are getting married on December 18, then it is a day filled with chai and the universe will bestow many blessings upon you ... :)

  2. It has been great! Hope yours has been as well!

  3. So far the week is good, I actually have today off! Tilling/hoeing the garden, going shopping and mowing the grass :)
    You asked how I found out about the postcard swap - I do believe that was a one time thing and is done now, but I found it through this site which posts lots of swaps that are happening:

  4. Well, darn. Thanks for stopping by. I asked because I love postcards. Thanks for sharing the swap site!

  5. Yay for giveaways!! I enter all the time, but never win! ha!

  6. I want a Rotti now!! Yummo!

    Thanks for playing and Happy happy Thursday!!



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