Sunday, 27 June 2010

Opposites Attract

Lately, I've noticed that some things about me and mr. groom are very different. Now, don't get me wrong here, we do have a lot of things in common and we get along fabulously. But on some things we tend to be on opposite ends of the spectrum. Our differences can be chalked up to gender, age and personality.

Here are some examples:

Our  thought processes. He tends to be a very linear thinker, whereas I am conceptual. He thinks out plans for  doing things around the house, like "trash, recycling, dishes, mop kitchen.", whereas I may think "clean kitchen, take out trash, tidy the bedroom". He also works through certain related talking points and has trouble when I jump from one idea to another with the swoop of my tounge. Similarly, he likes to think big and focus on big things. Whereas I do think big picture things I  really like dealing with the details. I recently asked him to make a 101/1001 list like I did. I made my in about two days. He says he can't think of 100 small thngs because all he can see is the bigger picture. I managed to squeeze 17 smaller goals out of him.

Creativity. He paints the walls of the box and rearranges the furniture. I play just outside of the box.  My box may have a garden and pretty sunflowers growing outside. Oh, and a hot tub on the roof.

Schedules. My idea of sleeping in is 10am. His is around noon. But, his idea of staying up late is around 6am and my is around 1am

In vs out. He likes to eat in, hang out and watch movies. I like to go out more than I like to stay in. Doesn't have to be expenisve- a walk in the park will do. He gets the "lets go out" bug more than I want to have stay in days so we're doing good so far. I think once we're back in the states and have our own place I'll get a little more content with staying in because I'll have my scrapbooking supplies and a kitchen to bake in.


  1. Opposites definitely do attract sometimes!
    My husband is the organized, plan ahead concrete thinker, OCD type whereas I'm the more messy, carefree, play it by ear, abstract thinker.

  2. a hot tub on the roof, i love that!! the frenchman and i are very different as well! i too have to jumping from one idea to another charm and i won't even get started on the hilarious differences that comes from being raised in the south of france vs the south :)
    i never put a lot of stock in the idea, but this is the healthiest and happiest relationship i've ever been in, so thank you for this post, i really needed to hear it today :)

  3. As I was reading your blog "History in the making" was playing...Great song! And it seemed to fit the blog...

  4. JoJO- I wonder if thats a man vs woman thing, because we're the same way

    Holly- Thanks for stopping by!

    Mary Nevin- Glad you stopped by to read today. I'd actually written it a while back and hit save instead of post. Man plans, God laughs.


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