Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Talk it Up Tuesdays: Making a 101/1001 list

I want to try something out. I want to try to start Talk it Up Tuesdays. For talk it up Tuesdays I will eitther post a topic  to blog about, ask some questions or offer up a creative challenge. Depending on the Tuesday, your responses will either be in comments or through a mclinky. I'm thinking about doing this everyother week. Sound good?

This week I want to piggyback off of yesterdays post about lists. Have you made a bucket list or a 101 things to do in 1001 days list? I finished mine this morning and will post it here. If  you've made a list share it in the McLinky. If you haven't leave a comment listing your top goals. Also, I'd love any suggestions or tips on how to complete the goals on mine.

As a bonus for leaving a comment or sharing your list I will post a list of bloggers that participated along with a little blurb about your blog. Now- go make that list!

1.Get Married
2. Honeymoon
3. Go to New Orleans
4.Go to Vegas with Mr. Groom
5. See the Grand Canyon
6. Graduate from College
7. Have homemade food 7 nights in a row.
8. Host a dinner party
9. Have a cheese party
10. Clean out my room at my parents house.
11. Take a cake decorating class
12.Go camping
13. Visit the Biltmore
14. Tour a winery
15. Buy a postcard album/box
16.Visit Yellowstone
17. Get a job
18. Frame my wedding pictures
19. Send someone a card I made
20. Take a couples trip
21. Go on a girls getaway
22. Make a scrapbook
23. Help Morningside raise money for their renovation project
24. Participate in Operation Christmas Child
25. Create a writing portfolio
26. Create a professional website and/or business cards
27. Take Mr. Groom to Morningside
28. Learn to make bread
29. Go to Morningsides Card Making Minstry at least once
30. Change my name
31. Volunteer at a soup kitchen
32. Send thank you notes for all of our wedding gifts
33. Have a real Christmas tree
34. Buy Mr. Groom a personal Christmas Ornament
35. Have Boudoir photos made
36. Go back to the drive in movies
37. Give out Halloween candy
38. Buy wedding shoes
39. See Prince of Persia
40. Make a 25 books to read list
41. Read all 25 books
42. Make a perpetual calendar with important dates on both sides
43. Post an engagement notice in the paper
44. Try 15 new non-dessert recipeS
45. Try 15 new dessert recipes.
46. Finish Westbound Hope
47. Create a Places to Submit Notebook
48. Load all pictures on my camera onto cds
49. Get comfortable dancing
50. Edit and perfect my vows
51. Get my makeup done for a nautual look
52. Learn to do my makeup the same way
53. Take Mr. Groom to Cherokee
54. Visit Texas
55. Voluteer with Girl Scouts
56. Make homemade icecream
57. Publish a piece of writing
58. Buy personalized stationary
59. Sell my prom dresss
60. Go to a fair
61. Go back to Bamajam/something similar
62. Send Christmas Carrds
63. Pay off 50% of my student loans
64. Send a care package
65. Stay at a bed and breakfast
66. Do a 365 photo challenge
67. Send regular snail mail to my friends once I graduate
68. Write daily
69. Parasail
70. Make postcards out of pictures I've taken
71. Create a weekly menu
72. Make truffles again
73. Get an after college job
74. Make Wedding Earrings
75. Host a blog giveaway
76. Make a home with Mr. Groom
77. Take pictures in a photo booth
78. Attend Converse College's Class of 2011 graduation ceremony
79. Do something to benefit a soldier
80. Be a Girl Scout leader
81. Lay the plans for a reoccuring Girls Weekend Vacation
82. Get another massage
83. Put all of my books on shelves
84. Get an autographed book from Terry Goodkind
85. Look into being a foster parent
86. Make Smores with Homemade Marshmallows and Graham crackers
87. Make Homemade hot chocolate
88. Make and give cake in a jar
89. Make a cocktail at home, not from a mix
90. Try a chocolate bacon bar
91. Wrap a gift in a bobo wrap scarf
92. Meet Mr. Groom's mother
93. Buy a scrapbook suppy organizer
94. Go to a card making class or tutorial
95. Eat at PF Changs
96. Eat at Scrapbook Creations again
97. Take "Lyric" to 5 Guys
98. Try the once a month cooking thing
99. Go on just for fun walks
100. Buy personalized address labels.
101. Visit Savannah and eat at Paula Deen's restaurant