Thursday, 24 June 2010

In Need of New Clothes...

So the washing machine here stretches out clothes out like you wouldn't believe- and we dn't have a dryer to help shrink them back to normal. Poor Mr. Groom will have to buy all new clothes when he gets back to the states-he has lost at least 20 pounds and his clothes are all stretched out from the machine. I noticed the other day that my tshirts look a size too big. But today was the kicker- Mr. Groom kept nudging me and telling me I was flashing everyone. The shirt I was wearing was cut like a tshirt. But its been stretched so much that when I sit down the sleeves either slide off my shoulders or my tatas fall out of the neckline. So I went out and bought some febreeze so that I can wash my clothes less often and wear things like my dresses that I usually only Dryel.My Korean friend A and my newfound American friends M and J hope to take a shopping  trip soon but until then I am in desperate need of:


Okay, well mostly I need things like the top picture but I always get suckered in by pretty dresses.


  1. i love all those pictures! I'm a sucker for a pretty dress as well! Hope you have a fun shopping trip! :)

  2. They are all super cute! Love the dress at the end especially! Have a great weekend :) xoxo

  3. You had me with the tunes playing while I was reading! Love that! Kid Rock then the Beach Boys...I have to keep reading!

  4. Glad you liked them :). I have a random taste in music.


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